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Complete care made easy

Holistic recipes that fulfil the nutritional needs of your cat, with fresh meat or fish as the #1 ingredient.

It’s never been easier to give your cat’s diet the attention it deserves.

Why do our customers choose Holistic?

Great for sensitive cats

I changed to Almo because it is a more natural product. This spring, for the first time my 4 year old cat has not had any problems with allergies. It normally scratches its neck sore right through the pollen season. This year there’s been no sign of problems.

Susy Greaves, Zooplus review.

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Healthy and delicious!

Ever since my cat was castrated I started feeding him Almo Nature, He loves it. I actually tried it once myself, it was NOT OILY and I couldn’t taste any salt which is VERY IMPORTANT, especially for the male cats!

Viviana, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Good all-rounder for all ages

I had to change my brand of dry food suddenly as two of my cats began to deteriorate and suffered bowel problems. I put this down to old age, as three of my cats had reached the 10yr old bracket. I am so glad and relieved I picked Almo Nature. All the unhappy symptoms vanished in a few days!

Alexandra, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Made my boy better

My cat took to this food straight away. Tried it on him after a prolonged bout of sickness and an upset stomach. I really appreciate the simplicity of the ingredients and knowing that I can feed this without upsetting his stomach.

Robin, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

What makes Holistic different?


In order to ensure that your cat’s internal organs stay in great shape, you need to make sure you provide them with a sufficient amount of animal proteins and the required daily nutrients in a highly digestible form.

To ease this task for cat owners, we created the Almo Nature Holistic range – recipes with a balanced selection of ingredients that take every need, of every cat into account.


Alessandro Gori

Research & Development expert

Complete nutrition

Fresh and tasty meat or fish

#1 ingredient
is fresh meat or fresh fish

  • The right balance

    A varied and complete meal, loved by cats of

    all breeds and ages. A natural blend of high-quality fresh

    meat or fresh fish, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and

    other nutrients that are vital for good digestion. It can also

    help to maintain healthy skin and shiny coats.

  • High percentage of fresh meat/fish

    Each serving of Almo Nature Holistic kibble contains up to 26% fresh meat or fresh fish, making it a rich and extremely tasty meal.

Why is your cat going to love Almo Nature Holistic?

The animal proteins in our recipes are derived from fresh ingredients that are gently prepared to

guarantee a delicious and highly palatable meal with:

Have a specific requirement?
We have a Holistic solution for you!

What our customers say about Holistic

  • Only food my cat will eat
    Almo Nature’s holistic dry cat food (oily fish) is literally the only food my Maine Coon cat will eat. It’s wholesome, contains nothing nasty or artificial, and there is no wastage at all.

    JanR cat companion

  • Good quality, well received.
    All of my cats like this kibble and don’t seem to get bored of the fish ones as quickly as they do with other kibble.

    Spidercat Cat companion

    My cats love this dry cat food, small sized kibble that’s easy to eat, and they love the flavour. Recommend this Almo Nature range as it is GMO free.

    Pearlrose cat companion

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Thanks for joining! And say hi to your dog from us :)

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