Cat Kibble

Kibble is a very important food for nutritional completeness.

Chewing, helps keeps your cats gums healthy and 
limit the formation of tartar.


HFC single protein kibble is prepared with meat or fish originally suitable for human consumption, now food for your cat.

Up to 98.73% digestible protein (University of Teramo study) for the well-being of the intestinal microbiota.

No flour, dehydrate or chemical appetisers, only quality ingredients to provide a balanced diet for your cat.

Functional & Life Maintenance

Almo Nature Functional and Life Maintenance kibble contains up to 26% fresh meat or fish and are free of colourants and chemical preservatives.
The Functional line was created to meet specific nutritional needs, while the Life Maintenance line for daily feeding.
The different recipes are a balanced mix of fresh and dehydrated ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Ideal for a varied, complete and high-quality daily diet

Dehydrated Holistic Maintenance

The kibble prepared with dehydrated meat or fish.


For those who want to approach the quality and values of Almo Nature with an eye on price.

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