Companion For Life

The project aims to achieve new EU rules and regulations allowing dogs and cats to be regarded as legal family members while respecting their specific nature.It also supports dogs and cats in need by facilitating adoptions, intervening in situations of ordinary need and emergencies.


Each adoption generates a month's worth of free food stored at the Love Food Bank.

Every four months, Almo Nature will distribute the food according to the quantities generated at the Love Food Bank. Priority will be given to shelters concretely contributing to supporting the project.


Food will also be distributed to associations aiding animal companions in households facing economic hardship.


This project is dedicated to EU countries only. If you have adopted a dog or a cat or if you are a registered shelter in one of these countries, please participate in the program by visiting the correct country page. 


Please note: in order for certificates to be valid, they must be uploaded no later than 30 days from the date of adoption shown on the document.

Are you a dog/cat shelter?

Do you comply with current applicable requirements and regulations?
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Promote adoptions and ask each adopter to upload their adoption certificate on our website, mentioning you.

Each regularly uploaded certificate will generate 1 month's worth of free food that will be set aside in our Love Food Bank to be distributed every 4 months, depending on the amount of food generated by adoptions, priority being given to shelters concretely contributing to supporting the project.:

  • dog and cat shelters
  • associations aiding animal companions in households facing economic hardship.

To optimize logistics and reduce the environmental impact this generates, we created a dog kit and a cat kit in accordance with the number of adoptions reached by the individual shelters, i.e., 120 cats or 90 dogs, respectively.


since 2018


Meals donated in emergency situations to support adoptions in households facing economic hardship

of which 203220 since 01/01/2023

since 2018


Is the number of adoptions we have contributed to


of which 613 since 01/01/2023


In cooperation with the University of Milano-Bicocca and an international team of Animal Law attorneys, specialized in Comparative Animal Law, we have drafted a document that will form the basis for the next step: draw up a proposal to be submitted to the European Commission and generate a petition we will address to all dog and cat owners.

Initially promoted by Fondazione Capellino, as of September 2021 the project is fully sustained by Almo Nature, which supports its operation and running costs.