Wet Cat Food

Wet food for your cat, a strict carnivore, is essential.

It has an indispensable function in providing moisture, because typically cat drinks very little spontaneously.

In order to convince your cat to eat in a varied way, we offer a very wide range, with different textures and ingredients, that will satisfy any palate, with a focus on well-being.

Find your cat's favourite!

Thanks to the quality of the ingredients originally suitable for human consumption, HFC wet food now provides your cat with noble, highly digestible proteins in significant quantities and is therefore the best you can choose for him.
Sterilised, Anti Hairball, Intestinal Help or Urinary Help: four different lines formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your cat on a daily basis or in specific cases.
Bio Organic
100% of the ingredients used in these complete recipes are certified organic according to EU regulations.
Foodstuffs are available in mousses, pâtés and diced in sauce, free of colouring agents or chemical preservatives. Many recipes are without added cereals.

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