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Surprisingly better

Our HFC products are packed with meat and fish from clear origin, that are 100% HFC– i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in our cat food.

You can finally be certain you’re providing a meal that’s full of high-quality ingredients. Let’s find out what your cat thinks.

What our customers say about HFC:

Lush, glossy fur

With my 6 Ragdolls I have gone through many different brands to find one that they all like. I have one in particular that turns her nose up at just about any wet food….apart from this! She wolfs it down… in fact they all do! There are always lots of empty bowls in our house and purrs of contentment after feeding. Their coats have come on leaps and bounds too, their fur is looking more lush and glossy and they’ve only been on it 1 week! We couldn’t be happier with it!

Megan H Zooplus reviews

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Your cat will be happy and full of energy

My 8 year old, extremely fussy cat, just loves it! She’s even meowing for a bigger portion! It’s incredible. The cans are perfectly sized so there’s no wasted food. My cat is happy, has a shiny coat and is full of energy.

Isa Zooplus reviews

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)


My cat is 16 years old, he had terrible runs for months! The vet took samples, the results — no underlying problems, just a VERY sensitive stomach. Told to ‘Feed him bland food’. Pet shop suggested ALMO NATURE, natural food with no irritating additives. What a transformation — MAGIC! 10/10

Ellie Zooplus reviews

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

They’ll purr when they are eating it!

I decided to change to a more natural ‘cat’ diet having experienced bladder issues with one of my three cats. I felt that the dry diets with additives that vets prescribe defy logic when it comes to natural feline behaviour (obligate carnivore with limited drink re-flex). All I need to say is that all 3 cats ADORE this food and eat every scrap. The feral one even purrs when he’s eating it!

Zoe Zooplus reviews

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Clean plates every time

My rescue cats love Almo Nature tuna, and chicken & tuna, and I love the fact that there is absolutely no waste with this food, clean plates every time! I care deeply about animal welfare and cruelty issues, so a very big plus for me is that Almo Nature does not al-low any animal testing.

Irene Zooplus reviews

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

So, what’s behind all that?

So, what’s behind all that?

  • Focus and attention to your cat’s nature.

    Cats are natural predators and carnivores.

    The animal protein in real meat and fish is essential for their growth and the preservation of their cell structure.

  • Assured quality that’s completely transparent

    Our ingredients are HFC— i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in our cat food. This means you can expect high quality products without a single trace of meat or fish meal, or dehydrated meat or fish.

  • No chemical preservatives, no GMOs

    Our products are free from any chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT) or artificial flavours, and don’t contain any food colouring.

Almo Nature’s nutritional advice: 60% wet 40% dry

Almo Nature’s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between different types of meat and fish, and rotating between wet food (60%) and dry food (40%).

Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet, it helps them stay hydrated and it reduces the risk of urologic diseases. Dry food is also important, it’s full of nutrients and it provides cats with the opportunity to eat several small portions throughout the day.

Don’t mix wet and dry food, though!

Average rating from reviews on Zooplus

HFC wet food

The HFC wet food recipes are either cooked in broth or au bain-marie and their rich meat juices help to keep your cat hydrated in a natural way.

100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding. When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

How that works

  • The first kibble made with 100% fresh meat or fish. All meat and fish ingredients in this range are 100% HFC — i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in our cat food.

  • 100% fresh meat, without any meat meal or fish meal. And no GMO’s. HFC is also free from dehydrated meat or fish
    and we don’t add any chemical preservatives.

  • Almo Nature HFC dry food
    is a complete food
    A meal that covers all requirements in terms of energy, vitamins, and minerals of a
    healthy cat.

Finally — a snack!

Green Label Mini-Food snacks for cats are made with ingredients that are 100% natural and 100% HFC – i.e. originally fit for human consumption, and now used in our cat food.

Human companions say

Almo Nature mini food is the perfect size for a treat, and contains no preservatives!

99% HFC chicken, tuna or salmon 1% rice

What people say about HFC

  • My Persian Furbabies only have the best food and as far as I’m concerned you can’t really get anything better then a Kitty food that is 100% fresh fish of human grade. My babies absolutely love Almo Fresh Sturgeon HFC Alternative!


  • Products are luxurious, for the first time I ordered a can with shrimp, after opening was wow..  whole shrimps.. it didn’t look fancy, or it luxurious until I envied our cat ❤️ definitely recommend ❤️

    An Střechová cat companion

  • My Maine Coon cat Oscar absolutely loves this food, he would quite happily live on it if I let him! I feed him this alongside with grain free dry biscuits. The chicken is high quality and Oscar also loves the broth it’s in. I would recommend, especially for fussy eaters.

    Alicat cat companion

  • My Bengal cat absolutely LOVES this food This was a trial for my very fussy Bengal. She loves it so that, even though I introduced it to her by mixing it with her old food, she picked it out and left the old food behind and now will not eat that. I like the small size of the pellets as she is 11 and they are better for her old teeth. I shall order again. Also, I like the fact that this is a very good quality product with healthy ingredients.

    SandiB cat companion

  • Great for every cat !! Perfect dry food !!
    My cat is very happy and very nice  !!

    Arthur cat companion

  • One of my cats favourite dried foods – excellent size and quality

    Veronica cat companion

  • Pretty much the only food our cat will eat! Funnily enough our (admittedly very fussy) cat turns his nose at the Pacific Tuna from the same brand but he absolutely loves the Atlantic Tuna and eats it most days without ever seeming to get bored of it. Winner!

    Marko cat companion

  • My kitten loves this I was recommended this product by a local pet shop who gave me a free sample. My kitten absolutely loves it, and it doesn’t stink as much as some of the other wet food out there.

    Buffy cat companion

  • Cats love this! Both our cats can’t get enough and their teeth and overall health hasn’t been better

    SJR Cat companion

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