The consciousness that natural spaces have been completely submitted to humankind, resulting in a dramatic drop of living species and biodiversity, is at the origin of Impact on Biodiversity

In order to rebuild this merciless imbalance, we believe it is necessary to create the conditions for a world equally divided into areas dedicated to humans and domestic species; areas in which humans coexist in harmony with wildlife; and, finally, areas in which Nature is sovereign and untouchable.

How we do it

developing a simple, universal metric to measure the impact of human activity on biodiversity

We collaborate with scientific partners, universities, and research centres able to help, each in its own field, the development and spread of the new metric to measure the impact of human activity on biodiversity, to influence the change of personal behaviour

creating new economic (for example, the Restorative Economy) and cultural models that are compatible with biodiversity

We have called our model ‘Restorative Economy’, and we want to make it known and help different sectors and/or types of organization apply it, also supporting dedicated research programmes in cooperation with scientific partners

protecting natural habitats

We develop strategic and operational partnerships to realize projects protecting habitats through specific actions. They include: increasing nature conservation areas or creating wildlife corridors; supporting dog units that fight to protect wild species and their habitats from poaching and exploitation; and developing dedicated projects that protect individual species at risk of extinction, symbols of biodiversity for which habitat is decisive to survive. At the moment, we are participating in the following projects:

LIFE Wolf Alps EU

A European project that aims to improve the co-existence of wolves and people living and working in the Alps, to ensure the long-term preservation of wolves in the region.

Detection dogs in Benin

A project promoted by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) that aims to improve the standard well-being of dogs involved in programmes against the smuggling of protected species, vital to protecting African wildlife.

Il Cane da Guardiania nelle Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi

A project that aims at mitigating the conflict between farmers working in the Foreste Casentinesi protected area and wolves, also through the correct management and use of guardian dogs as the main tool of defence from predators

Reports & Achievements

Each April we will publish a report on the Fondazione Capellino website on the impact on biodiversity of the Foundation and its projects. The publication of the first report is planned for April 2021.

The project was officially launched in March 2020 with the aim of defining – in cooperation with some of the most important research centres in the world – a model of measurement of the impact of human behaviour on biodiversity. It consists of establishing a proposal of a new model able to find the main areas of human impact on biodiversity, starting from the five greatest threats set out by the Global Assessment on Biodiversity, published by IPBES in late 2019. They are: climate change; over-exploitation of resources; the use of soil implying habitat destruction and fragmentation; pollution of land and water; the introduction in habitats of non-native species.

In 2020, the activity is focusing on finding the most suitable scientific partner to formalise our model by July 2020, performing a first test by the end of 2020, and launch the tool in Spring 2021. We will also participate in petitions to raise awareness among the public on the consequences of human predatory actions on biodiversity.

The project’s 2020 budget amounts to Euro 247,000.

The reports will be available from the beginning of July 2021

How the project is funded

The profits of Almo Nature after tax, investments and expenses, are used to finance the projects of the Foundation, whose overall single goal is to act on and support initiatives that demonstrate respect for life in all its forms.

How you can help

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