The kibble with ingredients originally fit for human consumption, now food for your dog

The best choice for your dog

Up to 98.93% digestible animal protein

Almo Nature HFC kibble is prepared with ingredients originally suitable for human consumption, now food for your dog.

Kibble is made using fresh meat or fish, without added meat meal or dehydrated animal products.

This allows you to offer your dog food with up to 98.93% high-quality digestible proteins (Journal of Veterinary Science & Research) for healthier intestinal flora.

Single-protein recipes

Meat or fish as the first ingredient and as the sole protein source. Gluten-free as rice represents the sole source of cereals in the recipe. Enriched with fruit and vegetables such as apples, blueberries, spinach, and carrots, and naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

Palatability and Nutrition

Kibble is the primary component in a dog's diet, however, it can be naturally less appetizing than other food forms. We use only the necessary ingredients, in sufficient quantities, to provide a balanced diet for the dog, without the addition of chemical palatants.
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HFC Puppy

Kibble for healthy puppy growth from two months old up to adulthood. The type, quality and combination of ingredients allow for correct development of the intestinal flora in support of the immune system. Also suitable for pregnant or nursing females.

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HFC Adult

The kibble that can accompany your dog throughout their adult life. Alternate white meat, red meat and fish for a varied diet.

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