70.0 g. 2.47
["Ham with Turkey","Salmon with Tuna","Tuna with Chicken and Ham","Tuna with Chicken and Cheese","Salmon","Tuna with Chicken"]
HFC Natural Made in Italy
HFC Natural Made in Italy
  • 1+ year
  • 7+ years
  • Complementary
  • Crude Protein 12 %
  • Crude Fibre 0,5 %
  • Crude Fat 1,5 %
  • Crude Ash 1,5 %
  • Moisture 82 %
  • Energy 710 kcal/kg

Chicken 75%.

HFC Made in Italy: a taste of Italy!

The HFC “Made In Italy” wet recipes for cats are developed with the finest HFC meat or fish (i.e. originally fit for human consumption but used in our cat food instead). The recipes ensure transparency regarding the origin of ingredients and provide the very best and natural supply of animal proteins, which are vital for the metabolism and other biological functions of these carnivores.

The wet food recipes are developed without using chemical preservatives, GMOs, food colouring, meat or fish meal and are either grain or gluten free. The HFC Made In Italy line of wet cat food offers a variety of specialities with exclusive and gourmet flavour combinations, in natural or jelly form, to even satisfy the most pickiest taste-buds!
HFC Made in Italy - Complementary food for adult cats - is a line of gourmet recipes available in 70g tins.

  • Grain Free

    Grain Free

    Recipes with no added grain. Ideal for those who choose a product without added cereals

  • Human Grade

    Human Grade

    Meat and fish originally fit for human consumption and now used in this food for cats or dogs.

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

    No-gluten recipes.

  • Mono protein

    Mono protein

    Single source of animal proteins, meat or fish. Ideal in case of food difficulties.

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