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100% cassava tuber, leaves and branches

Designed to be 100% biodegradable, CatLitter is an innovative cat litter made entirely of plant-based fibres (cassava), free of additives or chemical deodorizers.
Its super fine texture stops urine from flowing to the bottom of the litter box, but rather it is instantly absorbed by natural starches forming an easy-to-remove disposable clump on the surface of the litter.
Both litter box and surrounding litter can therefore be kept clean for a long time, reducing maintenance without causing unpleasant odours.

Odour control

Urine is absorbed instantly, neutralising bad odours.

Absorbs urine leaving box clean

Liquids immediately cluster to form a lump on the surface of the litter, leaving both the box and surrounding litter clean.

Effective and economical

Approx. 1 lb of litter per week is needed when using a base layer of 0.8 in (based on a 12 x 15.75 in litter box).


Compact, easy to carry and store.

Easy to dispose of

100% biodegradable, ensures environmentally friendly disposal in compost or toilet according to municipal regulations.

Safe, natural and non-toxic

100% plant-based, totally free of additives and safe for the health of the whole family.

Environmentally friendly

100% plant-based and biodegradable, it is totally free of additives.

Super soft on paws

Great comfort under your cat's paws!

How to use Cat Litter



To avoid spillage, we advise placing a mat in front of the litter box.


First time usage

Pour the product into the litter box to create a base depth of approximately 0.8 in hight (for a 12×15.75 in tray, 2.2 lb of product will be sufficient).



Remove the clumps with a large-mesh scoop. You can dispose of them directly in the toilet* or compost.
*Always refer to local regulations. Never flush the entire content of the litter box down the toilet, only the solid clumps.



Restore 'the base' level by pouring approximately 1 lb of product (for a 9 lb cat) into the tray.


Once a month

If you decide to wash the litter box, do not dispose of the remaining product, reuse it. The rapid formation of clumps ensures the hygiene of the surrounding product.


Disposal of empty bag

CatLitter packaging is made of PE-LD 04 (low density polyethylene). It is 100% recyclable and can be recycled with plastics.

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