Food with fresh meat and fish suitable only for pet food.

Kibble prepared with a mix of fresh meat or fish and dehydrated meat.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals and other components essential for proper digestion.

A varied and complete food for cats of all ages.

Fresh meat or fish as a primary ingredient

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Functional Sterilised

The choice for neutered cats due to its low magnesium content and adequate fibre intake for weight control.

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Functional Intestinal Help

Formulated with prebiotics and minerals for daily contribution to a healthy digestive system.

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Functional Anti Hairball

Kibble that helps prevent and eliminate hairballs thanks to its special mix of plant-based fibres such as cellulose.

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Functional Urinary Help

Reduced levels of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, combined with glucosamine, contribute daily to a healthy urinary system.

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Life Maintenance Fresh

A complete food with fresh meat or fish as the primary ingredient, ideal for daily feeding of cats of all ages due to nutritionally balanced recipes and high-quality ingredients.

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Holistic Kitten

A nutritionally complete food for balanced growth. Also suitable for pregnant/lactating female cats.

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