The kibble with ingredients originally fit for human consumption, now food for your cat.

The best choice for your cat

Up to 98.73% digestible protein

Almo Nature HFC kibble is prepared with ingredients originally suitable for human consumption, now food for your cat. Kibble is made using fresh meat or fish, without added meat meal or dehydrated animal products. This means you can offer your cat food containing up to 98.73% high-quality digestible proteins (University of Teramo study) for healthier intestinal flora.


Single-protein and ideal for neutered cats

Kibble specially formulated for the needs of neutered cats or cats with minimal activity levels: low magnesium content to help prevent kidney stones, moderate fat content and adequate fibre intake to aid weight control. The addition of cranberries contributes to reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections.

Palatability and nutrition

Kibble cat food is naturally less appetizing than wet food and extra palatability would not be justified without resorting to palatants. We use only the necessary ingredients, in sufficient quantities to provide a balanced diet for the cat, without the addition of chemical palatants. Kibble is essential in a cat's diet for the complete nutritional intake that wet food alone cannot provide. In addition, chewing helps boost their dental health by removing tartar buildup and promoting blood flow to the gums.

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HFC Kitten

The appropriate kibble for healthy kitten growth from the ages of two months through to adulthood. The type and combination of ingredients used allows for healthy development of intestinal flora and supports the immune system. Get them used to an alternating diet by offering HFC Kitten wet food as well. Also suitable for pregnant or lactating females.

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HFC Adult

The kibble that can accompany your cat throughout its adult life. Diversify, alternating white and red meat with the various fish options and take special care to help your cat stay hydrated by offering wet food on a daily basis.

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HFC Longevity

Highly digestible kibble food recommended for senior cats or cats with temporary or permanent digestive peculiarities or sensitivities related to their breed or to previous diets which proved to be inappropriate.

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