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From our cat's and dog's point of view

Welcome to Almo Nature

Almo Nature is the HQS food your pet will love: formulated with a focus on their needs and well-being  from your cat’s or dog’s point of view. Almo Nature has strong ethical values and a real commitment to charity projects: that’s almore-small

HQS Legend Dog
Pre-cooked HQS natural ingredients served in their own broth

Made with the finest HQS cuts and a small addition of rice (3%) rich in lysine and magnesium, Legend Dog recipes are rich in high bioavailable proteins and fibers.

Enrich meals with Legend to make their meals even tastier with delectable flavors.

HQS Legend Cat
Pre-cooked HQS natural ingredients served in their own broth

Made with pure 100% HQS meat and fish, HQS Legend is completely natural and is prepared with a very short list of ingredients. It’s naturally rich in vitamins, taurine, essential amino acids, high digestible proteins and fats.

HQS Legend Cat is a meal that’s in tune with your cat’s (or a cat’s) nature.

HQS Green
Raw packed HQS natural ingredients steam cooked in the pouch

Made with a unique cooking process, HQS ingredients are packed raw then steam cooked in the pouch. The small chunks of meat (or steak) have an intense inviting smell while its natural broth is rich in micronutrients and taste.

Green provides the highest quality HQS proteins from meat and fish.

HQS Rouge
Pre-cooked gourmet HQS natural ingredients served in their own broth

Rouge is the HQS natural gourmet line of Almo Nature designed to satisfy cats and their owners.

Rouge makes even the fussiest cats happy with its exclusive HQS recipes selection.

Pre-cooked HQS natural and sustainable ingredients served in their own broth

Prepared with HQS red tuna meat, which is very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids and taurine.

Daily offers 87.5% proteins of all metabolizable energy; it’s completely additive-free, with no synthetic nutrients of any kind.

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