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Almo Nature

Almo Nature is one of the projects of Fondazione Capellino, along with Companion Animal For Life, Humans & Wildlife, Regenerating Villa Fortuna and Impact on Biodiversity.

Almo Nature plays two roles: it produces high-quality, natural pet foods for dogs and cats and at the same time generates used to fund the other projects, focused on protecting dogs, cats and biodiversity. A unique philanthropic model.

Our pet foods for cats and dogs

HQS Made in Italy

A taste of Italy in our HQS Natural meals, 100% natural, limited-ingredient nutrition made with HQS meat and fish

HQS (High Quality Sourced)

Made with meat or fish that “originally were fit for human consumption” and that are now used for pet food only


Made with tuna red meat, which maintains HQS quality standards, but is not a part of the fish commonly eaten by humans

Cat Litter

An all-natural cat litter that’s friendly to the environment, cats and their humans. Fast clumping, total odor control, non-toxic, flushable, compostable… revolutionary

HQS (High Quality Sourced)

Made with meat or fish that “originally were fit for human consumption” and that are now used for pet food only

Quality & Safety


Meat and fish serve as the basis of our dog and cat pet foods and their high quality is essential for healthy nutrition.

The highest quality of ingredients used can be found in our premium range, called HQS.

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HQS means that the ingredients selected for this dog or cat pet food recipe are sourced from the same food chain as humans. The same quality ingredients are also used in other products, depending on the product line.

Its absence from the label means that the ingredients used are not classified as identical to human food ingredients, rather as dog and cat pet foods. Almo Nature does not use discarded animal parts in any of the products, even though they are allowed by law.


At Almo Nature, veterinarians, technicians and nutritionists work hard every day to ensure that the brand’s foods are consistent with the values ​​expressed and with our quality assurance.

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Precise guarantee food quality, from the selection of raw materials to their preparation and conservation up to the moment they reach the pet’s food bowl.

Our checks are supplemented by periodic controls by the competent health authorities.

Reports & Achievements

  • 2000 – Almo Nature was the first company in the world to make food for dogs and cats using the same quality ingredients as for humans

  • 2017 – We launched a completely natural, odour-free, biodegradable and convenient cat litter made with one raw material

  • 2018 – Almo Nature began donating all profits from its pet food food sales to Fondazione Capellino

The story of Almo Nature and current organisation

How the project is funded

The profits of Almo Nature after tax, investments and expenses, are used to finance the projects of the Foundation, whose overall single goal is to act on and support initiatives that demonstrate respect for life in all its forms.

How you can help

Do you have a dog or a cat?

In choosing Almo Nature pet food, you’re giving your companion animal food that’s good for animals, as it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and made from their perspective, and good for the environment, in that Almo Nature is 100% owned by a foundation whose goal is to defend dogs, cats and biodiversity.

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Discover the other projects

Companion Animal For Life

The goal of Companion Animal For Life is to give every dog ​​and cat a loyal human companion for life.


The project’s goal is to safeguard biodiversity, with particular attention to the habitats of large mammals and predators threatened by the expansion of human activities.

Regenerating Villa Fortuna

Piloting a new agricoltural model that is replicable, that produces food, enriches biodiversity and is economically competitive.

Impact on Biodiversity

The aim of this project is to replace the existing approach of assessing human impact based on sustainability with one that measures impact in terms of creation and destruction of biodiversity.

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