Our history


Pier Giovanni Capellino founded the company to turn his dream into a reality: creating the world's first wet pet food made with 100% HFC (later called HQS in the North America market) ingredients—ingredients originally fit for human consumption. This set a new standard of quality that would later be adopted by many.


The company expands its presence globally, evolving into a small multinational corporation. Simultaneously, a campaign is launched to mark the shift from the slogan "from their point of view" to "aLmore," signifying the brand's emerging role in the protection of dogs, cats, and nature.


The HFC standard, the use of human-grade ingredients, is extended to include kibble production.


Cat Litter, a fully compostable and additive-free cat litter made from a 100% plant-based, single ingredient, is introduced to the market.


Fondazione Capellino is established with the specific mission of safeguarding biodiversity and combating climate change. Pier Giovanni and his brother Lorenzo decide to allocate all of Almo Nature's dividends to support the Foundation's initiatives, effective immediately.


After successfully obtaining the status of a "non-profit commercial entity" from the Agenzia delle Entrate in Italy, Lorenzo and Pier Giovanni donate Almo Nature through an irreversible public deed to Fondazione Capellino, permanently relinquishing 100% of both ownership and voting rights.


A new economic model, known as Reintegration Economy, is now in full swing. Under this model, 100% of a company's revenue, after taxes and expenses, is dedicated to the preservation of all living species and our shared home, Earth, rather than the pursuit of further financial wealth. At its core is an ambitious project stemming from a contemplation by its founder Pier Giovanni Capellino and his brother Lorenzo: "Reintegrating nature instead of extracting from nature to enhance personal wealth."

Almo Nature today

In addition to Italy, Almo Nature has established local offices in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States.

44 countries

Almo Nature markets its products worldwide.

8 local offices

Besides Italy, Almo Nature has opened local offices in Germany, Switzerland, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

$ 38,566,800

Funds (approx. USD) allocated by Almo Nature for Fondazione Capellino through 2023.