Companion for Life

The project aims to establish new EU rules and regulations that recognize dogs and cats as legal family members while respecting their unique nature. It also supports dogs and cats in need by facilitating adoptions and providing assistance in both routine and emergency situations in Europe and North America.Initially promoted by Fondazione Capellino, the project has been fully sustained by Almo Nature since September 2021. Almo Nature supports its operation and covers all running costs.


North America initiatives



2020, Canada, Various Cities

Almo Nature donated a month’s supply of cat food & litter to 387 newly adopted cats + 387 cats awaiting adoption in partner shelters.


2022, Quebec, Canada

Almo Nature donated a month’s supply of cat food & litter and a generous supply of dog food to 99 newly adopted cats and dogs.



2022, USA & Canada, Various Cities

Almo Nature donated 5,460 cat and dog food meals to food banks to help feed cats & dogs of families in need.


Europe initiatives



Through Adopt Me, new adopters can register the adoption of their cat or dog. Each adoption generates a month's worth of free food stored at Almo Nature's Love Food Bank. The food is then regularly distributed to shelters registered through the initiative.


Food is also distributed to associations that assist animal companions in households facing financial difficulties.



since 2018


meals have been donated through Adopt in emergency situations to support adoptions in households facing financial difficulties

since 2018


adoptions have been supported by Adopt Me



In collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca and an international team of Animal Law attorneys specializing in Comparative Animal Law, we have drafted a document that will serve as the foundation for the next phase: creating a proposal to be submitted to the European Commission and generating a petition to be addressed to all dog and cat owners.