Biodiversity protection and conservation projects made possible by the Reintegration Economy model



Companion for Life

Companion for Life: A project by Almo Nature Benefit S.p.A.

The project aims to advocate for new EU rules and regulations that recognize dogs and cats as legal family members while respecting their unique nature.

Additionally, it supports vulnerable dogs and cats in Europe and North America by facilitating adoptions and providing assistance in both routine and emergency situations.

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Biodiversity Protection Projects by Fondazione Capellino

Fondazione Capellino collaborates with scientific bodies and subject matter experts around the world to identify and implement innovative, effective and impactful interventions to protect biodiversity.

The Foundation takes action in various focus area through both directly-managed projects and third-party projects they support financially.

These projects are funded entirely by the revenue (after costs and taxes) generated by Almo Nature.

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Projects of the
Fondazione Capellino