Reintegration Economy

Reintegration Economy is a business model created by Fondazione Capellino, the non-profit organization that owns Almo Nature. This innovative approach requires that 100% of a company's revenues, after deducting expenses, taxes, and investments, are dedicated to restoring biodiversity.

Other companies have embraced Reintegration Economy, such as Patagonia, which, like Almo Nature, was donated by its founder to a foundation established to protect biodiversity. However, what sets us apart is our unique funding approach. 


The objective of Reintegration Economy is to give back to nature what we have taken from it and to promote new, sustainable economic models.

Almo Nature is the activist brand owned entirely by Fondazione Capellino.


By choosing Almo Nature for your cat or dog, you actively participate in the activism driven by the Reintegration Economy model and make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.