100% HFC Nutrition: how much does it cost?

Are you sure Alternative is too expensive? Even after evaluating the quality of the ingredients?

Meat and fish are generally more expensive than cereals and vegetables.

A truth that we see every day at the (super)market.

So why should it be different for our dogs?

Today there are several dry foods on the market with the first ingredient listed as a ‘cereal’ (rice for example) or a vegetable (corn or potatoes are the most regularly used); this first listed ingredient is the one most present in the recipe.

Direct comparison with dry foods of this quality is impossible: it would be like trying to assess the cost of a diet based on zucchini versus one of fresh fish.


But let’s try to change your perspective by making a useful and intelligent comparison.

Do you know how much the daily serving of dry food you feed your dog costs? What is the price of the daily ration?

You may be surprised to learn that choosing fresh meat from the human food chain – i.e. Alternative – will only cost 24p more a day*. It seems incredible but yet, it is so!

While the price difference is not huge, the quality of the dry food you are feeding your dog certainly is: for example, vegetables (of PFC quality, i.e. only suitable for pet feeding) or fresh HFC meat (i.e. originally fit for human consumption).

Feeding with Alternative:


For maximum transparency, below you can find a comparison of the prices of a daily ration of Almo Nature dry food for dogs – Alternative, Alternative 170 and Holistic: all of them are prepared with fresh meat as the first ingredient, but the quantity and quality changes!


Recipe Alternative170
Dog’s weight 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg
Cost per day £0.66 £0.60 £0.44
Dog’s weight 10 kg 10 kg 10 kg
Cost per day £0.86 £0.70 £0.33
Dog’s weight 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Cost per day £1.50 £1.20 £0.58
Dog’s weight 40 kg 40 kg 40 kg
Cost per day £2.78 £2.16 £1.06

*Calculation based on a 20kg dog

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