Fondazione Capellino is a non-profit philanthropic organization that acts to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and its habitats, through an ecology of the mind and culture.

Following a unique economic model, called Restorative Economy, the Fondazione uses the profit generated by the firm, Almo Nature, to independently finance the projects it implements to achieve its goals.

Ultimately, it is cats and dogs, with the help of their human companions, who choose Almo Nature food, ensuring that profits do not accumulate in private accounts, but instead go to fund projects of general interest.
For the benefit of future generations. For the benefit of all living species.

Our focus is protecting dogs and cats and biodiversity through the projects of the Foundation.

Companion Animal For Life

Because companion animals are our family

Impact on Biodiversity and Regenerating Villa Fortuna

are aimed at safeguarding biodiversity.

Almo Nature

Almo Nature finances the foundation through the production of high-quality, natural pet foods for dogs and cats.


The Foundation works through its own projects and considers financing third-party projects if they have complementary goals.  


Almo Nature

Almo Nature Benefit SpA is a firm that produces food for dogs and cats, the property of which has been donated to the Fondazione by Lorenzo and Pier Giovanni Capellino. Its are entirely destined for the Fondazione Capellino projects. Almo Nature, which produces high-quality food for cats and dogs, is investing to become a company with zero impact on biodiversity by 2030.

Our living and working alongside cats and dogs is not limited to the production of foods, but continues through Companion Animal For Life , a project of Fondazione Capellino, which Almo Nature supports operationally.
By taking part in the Restorative Economy, Almo Nature expresses, deeply and lastingly its identity as a company for benefit, making it unique on the world stage.


Companion Animal For Life

We believe that it is more urgent than ever to develop, both legally and in terms of individual responsibility, a deeper sense of awareness and reasoning before deciding to welcome a companion animal into our lives that will result in lifestyle changes and general behaviour.

With this vision in mind, Companion Animal for Life is committed to promote and sustain European citizenship movements, support animal adoption in collaboration with Almo Nature, as well as hundreds of associations throughout Europe, and finance communication campaigns to raise awareness among the general public.


Regenerating Villa Fortuna

The consumption of the soil’s natural resources, due to intensive farming and concreting, has reduced environmental diversity; the nutritional value of the fruit that gets to our plates is devalued; the beauty and variety of the landscape is jeopardized.

Regenerating Villa Fortuna is an experimental agricultural project that spreads over hilly land of 20 hectares in San Salvatore Monferrato (Piedmont, Italy); its visionary goal is to make agroforestry techniques a cost-effective, scalable, and competitive production model, able to protect the air, soil, and water, as well as the surrounding animal and plant biodiversity.

Added to the agricultural activity is the renovation of the historical buildings on the estate, with the aim of creating a model of anthropic landscape that respects biodiversity.


Impact on Biodiversity

The consciousness that natural spaces have been completely submitted to humankind, resulting in a dramatic drop of living species and biodiversity, is at the origin of Impact on Biodiversity.

In order to rebuild this merciless imbalance, we believe it is necessary to create the conditions for a world equally divided into areas dedicated to humans and domestic species; areas in which humans coexist in harmony with wildlife; and, finally, areas in which Nature is sovereign and untouchable.

The project is made up of three activities:

  • developing a simple, universal metric to measure the impact of human activity on biodiversity;

  • creating new economic (for example, the Restorative Economy) and cultural models that are compatible with biodiversity;

  • protecting natural habitats.

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Organisational Chart

Reports & Achievements

January 2018

The commitment is made

April 2018

Pier Giovanni signs the articles of association

July 2018

The Statute is published

Fondazione Capellino’s Statute

November 2018

The foundation is recognised by the Prefecture of Genoa

Official letter by the Prefecture of Genoa

10 June 2019

The Italian tax authority responds positively to Fondazione Capellino’s request for an appeal submitted in November 2018 regarding the correct designated tax classification of the activities of the foundation’s holdings.

Tax authority’s reply

28 June 2019

At 2.25 pm the Almo Nature donation act on behalf of the Capellino Foundation is signed, making official the transfer to the Foundation of all Almo Nature properties and all accrued as of 1 January 2018.

Liability for payment of the donation tax relating to the transfer of interests in Almo Nature SpA held by the company G.F.C. Srl, to Fondazione Capellino, has been assigned under art.16 of Legislative Decree 31/10/1990 n.346, leaving Almo Nature Spa with net assets of EUR 17.4 million for Almo Nature.

As a result of the transfer of its holding, the donor G.F.C. Srl has declared a taxed capital gain for income tax purposes, under articles 86 and 87 of the Tuir (D.P.R. 917 of 22.16.1986). The amount was set by the Genoa Tribunal on June 21 at EUR 114 million on the basis of a sworn valuation presented.

Pier Giovanni Capellino’s donation to Fondazione Capellino Donation of Almo Nature to Fondazione Capellino Donation of a headquarters to Fondazione Capellino Almo Nature’s statute
Annual Report

On June 10, 2019, the Agenzia delle Entrate responded positively to the request for ruling submitted by Fondazione Capellino in November 2018, concerning the proper and certain tax classification of its activities. On June 28, 2019, Pier Giovanni and Lorenzo Capellino signed the act of donation of Almo Nature Benefit S.p.A. to Fondazione Capellino.
Fondazione Capellino, an independent philanthropic non-profit organisation, not merely a supplier but a player with four projects in addition to the Almo Nature project, started its journey. The first year of work has served to align Almo Nature to the values and positioning of the Fondazione, as well as to start the making of a dedicated team, and the definition and positioning of the projects different from Almo Nature. The second year will see an adjustment of the statute to better meet the operating needs, as well as the start of a full governance and of the actual projects, which will progressively become recognisable by European and North American citizens starting from mid-2021.

Cashed dividends 2019 – Euro 5,616,000
Total balance sheet assets on December 31, 2019 – Euro 122,926,549
Endowment fund on December 31, 2019 – Euro 117,864,600
Net assets on December 31, 2019 – Euro 122,890,510

Impact on Biodiversity and Sustainability Report

The reports will be available by April 2021

Historical Report

The reports will be available from the beginning of July 2021

How the Foundation is financed

The profits of Almo Nature products (after the deduction of expenses, investments and taxes) are used to finance the projects of Fondazione Capellino, whose single goal is to back and support initiatives designed to protect our shared home – our planet – by internalising and vocalising respect for life in all its forms.

How you can help

Do you have a dog or a cat?

In choosing Almo Nature pet food, you’re giving your companion animal food that’s good for animals, as it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and made from their perspective, and good for the environment, in that Almo Nature is 100% owned by a foundation whose goal is to defend dogs, cats and biodiversity.

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Discover the other projects

Almo Nature

Almo Nature produces high quality pet foods for dogs and cats from natural ingredients. Its profits fund Fondazione Capellino’s projects that protect dogs, cats and biodiversity.

Companion Animal For Life

Companion Animal for Life is a project of Fondazione Capellino, aimed at recognizing a new status for our companion animals.

Impact on Biodiversity

The consciousness that natural spaces have been completely submitted to humankind, resulting in a dramatic drop of living species and biodiversity, is at the origin of Impact on Biodiversity.

Regenerating Villa Fortuna

Piloting a new agricoltural model that is replicable, that produces food, enriches biodiversity and is economically competitive.

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