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See the world from their perspective

Our animal companions love and support us unconditionally. We want to reciprocate their loyalty, by understanding their needs and treating them with respect.

Here you’ll find out that

Almo Nature

was founded to change the way we feed our companion animals

The quality of pet food ingredients is crucial, not unlike our own food. This was the pivotal idea for Pier Giovanni Capellino, Almo Nature’s founder.

He was looking at his dogs as they were devouring a quality piece of meat. PG saw that they were happier and more energetic, an entirely different reaction from when he fed them with the industrial pet food that was available at the time.

There and then, he decided to find a way to develop pet food that’s created with the same attention and ingredients as human food, by selecting premium ingredients like he would at the butchers for himself. Almo Nature products offer convenience and are high in quality, making it the perfect solution for people with hectic lifestyles who value their animal companion’s needs.


I am able to “see through their eyes” thanks to my cats, Shabbat and Chocolat, and my dogs, Shang, Dottor Salento and Yanga. Dottor Salento, in particular, is always by my side. He accompanies me everywhere. He is the one who inspired our philosophy, and then our products, giving us feedback through his attitude and gestures. Really, he was the brains, I just gave a voice to his ideas.

Pier Giovanni


Almo Nature was the first company in the world to create HFC food for animals

We have challenged ourselves to create a completely unprecedented kind of pet food — a product to exceed expectations of owners and their animal companions, promising surprising superiority in terms of taste and quality.

This is how we introduced a line of wet pet food that consists entirely of ingredients originally fit for human consumption (HFC), now used in our food for cats and dogs.

  • The highest quality of wet food for animals on the market

  • Simply cooked in broth or using the in-pouch bain-marie method, ideal for hydration

  • The animals used for their meat in our recipes are bred with the utmost respect for their well-being


The first step in treating animals differently is to take care of their health and emotional state. We select the best ingredients to meet their needs in terms of essential nutrients, required energy and taste.

Valentina Vigorito

Research & Development Expert

Almo Nature created

— the first HFC kibble on the pet food market

We came up with the idea to produce kibble (dry food), a complete meal, with only fresh meat or fish, originally fit for human consumption.


It’s full of meat

Up to 170 g

of fresh HFC meat

The slow cooking process preserves the essential nutrients

100 g

of kibble

Alternative for cats Alternative for dogs

  • I own 6 ragdolls and have gone through many different brands to find one that they all like. I have one in particular that turns her nose up at just about any wet food….apart from this! She wolfs it down… in fact they all do! There are always lots of empty bowls in our house and purrs of contentment after feeding. Their coats have come on leaps and bounds too, their fur is looking more lush and glossy and they’ve only been on it 1 week! We couldn’t be happier with it!

    Megan H Cat companion

  • With two chihuahua’s finding a chunk that they like and find easy to eat has always been a challenge. I’ve finally found the kibble.. They love these little chunks and they can easily eat them. These are a rare treat for my dogs.

    Annemarie Dog companion

  • My 8 year old, extremely fussy cat, just loves it! She’s even meowing for a bigger portion! It’s incredible. The cans are perfectly sized so there’s no wasted food. My cat is happy, has a shiny coat and is full of energy.

    Isa Cat companion

  • My Bengal cat absolutely LOVES this food! This was a trial for my very fussy Bengal. She loves it so that, even though I introduced it to her by mixing it with her old food, she picked it out and left the old food behind and now will not eat that. I like the small size of the pellets as she is 11 and they are better for her old teeth. I shall order again. Also, I like the fact that this is a very good quality product with healthy ingredients.

    SandiB Cat companion

  • Great for every cats !! Perfect dry food !! My cat is very happy and very nice poils !!

    Arthur Cat companion

  • One of my cats favourite dried foods – excellent size and quality

    Veronica Cat companion


It took six years to test and develop the kibble, as well as the accompanying production process. We started by selecting ingredients that respected the nature of the animal, their needs and their health. This was an innovation. Whenever I see a cat or a dog who’s eager to eat Alternative, I feel happy about the work we’ve done for them.

Benedetta Giannini

Veterinarian and Nutritional Expert

Almo Nature studied the Holistic approach – recognising the needs of every cat and dog

Complete care can be easy. We kept this in mind and managed to create a completely new product. The Holistic composition recognises the nutritional needs of every cat and dog, and uses fresh meat or fish as the main ingredient.

  • Digestive help
  • Kitten
  • Maintenance
  • Sterilised
  • Urinary help
  • Anti-Hairball

complete nutrition

great taste of fresh meat

Holistic for cats Holistic for dogs

fresh meat as a
#1 component


There are lots of things to consider when choosing food for your companion animal, keeping in mind all their specific needs. Our main goal is to provide every cat and dog with complete care, and to make that choice an easy one.

Alessandro Gori

Research & Development Expert

only 500G per week

Almo Nature got ahead of the game by creating the most natural cat litter

After doing thorough research, we discovered how a specific combination of vegetable fibres could be used as the perfect ingredient for an eco-friendly and convenient litter product. It’s very natural to the touch and it gives great results in terms of safety and performance.
  • Eliminates smells

  • Absorbent and clean

  • Safe, natural and non-toxic

  • No chemical components. None at all.



We started off with offering free food to shelters on a regular basis, and helped them to facilitate a higher amount of responsible adoptions

We’ve supported European shelters and animal associations by providing meals for dogs and cats in emergency situations. Almo Nature gives away an estimate of 1 million packages of food each year.
  • 0

    shelters have been supported by Almo Nature so far

  • 0

    cats and dogs received our support up until now

  • 0

    meals were distributed since 2016

Find out more


We started out with food donations, but we soon realised that we needed to find long-term solutions if we wanted to help solve the problem of abandoned animals and strays. We needed to start at the root of the problem, not only treat the cause. This is when we decided to support adoptions and drive legislative changes to make a real difference.

Flavio Dal Zovo

Solidarity Projects Lead

Almo Nature funded the creation of a nationwide blood donation database for dogs

The idea was to create the most expanded and accessible dog blood donors database in Italy, so that every dog in need could be provided with blood in case of emergency. The project “Dog Blood Donors” involved hundreds of veterinarians who helped to engage a lot of people and their animal companions.

Almo Nature launched a project to help farmers and predators live peacefully alongside each other

Farmer’s methods to try and protect their livestock often raise conflicts with the wildlife living in the same area, and it’s usually the predator who draws the short straw. Our team helped to find a sustainable and peaceful solution.

Find out more


Thanks to the profits of Almo Nature product sales, of which 100% is given to the foundation, we can build sustainable ecosystems that don’t depend on external donations. Our approach is focused on solutions that work and evolve as time progresses, without any outside help. It’s not about a one-time effort, it’s about giving back efficiently.

Marco Durazzi

Communication Director

Almo Nature is now owned by the animals

Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature, decided to reserve 100% of the company’s profit and use it to fund projects helping cats, dogs, and biodiversity.

Since 1 January 2018, The Capellino Foundation is fully in charge of developing and funding the projects. All company profits serve the foundation’s purpose of solidarity with animals and nature, meaning that Almo Nature is owned by the animals.

How it works

A dual entity

Almo Nature

For-benefit company

Almo Nature became a for-benefit company during the first half of 2019. The company will continue to pay taxes just like any other company, but the statutes will include objectives of public interest. This type of business structure allows the company to form a dual entity with the Capellino Foundation. Almo Nature will continue to manage the projects aiming to protect cats and dogs as well as all marketing/communication campaigns.

100% of profits (dividents) are allocated to

Fondazione Capellino

Non-profit organisation

The Foundation solely use its funds for projects that help to protect dogs, cats, and biodiversity, on a local and international scale. Fondazione Capellino is responsible for managing the projects (Companion Animal For Life, Farmers & Predators, Regenerating Villa Fortuna and, from 2020 onwards, a project that aims to protect great apes).

Find out more about Fondazione Capellino

Our head office is located in Genoa, with smaller offices in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States of America. Our activities are referred to as a benchmark, and a knowledge centre for innovation in the industry.

47,5% Italy

52,5% Worldwide

  • 9 local offices

  • 39 countries with official distribution areas

Countries with subsidiaries

Almo Nature has a Corporate Governance based on the single tiered board system: the company is governed by the Board of Directors and the supervisory functions is entrusted by a Management Audit Committee, elected within the Board of Directors.

Organization Chart

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