HFC Legend Cat

The First-Ever NATURAL Cat Food
Legend is made with the best HQS ingredient: and contains 71 to 76% meat or fish cooked and preserved naturally in cooking water (24%) and nothing else.
It’s this simplicity and authenticity that cats adore!

Legend is our answer to the question:

“What if we were to feed our cats the same quality meat and fish that we enjoy?”.  Apparently cats are more than satisfied with our response.

The variety of Legend allows you to satisfy even the most discerning cats.
Almo Nature Legend is the perfect choice for offering your cat a completely natural, high quality meal.

Legend – Complementary food for cats – is available in 2.47oz and 4.94oz cans.

Feeding Instructions

Cats belong to an order of strict carnivores that have the teeth of predators and a digestive system suited to absorb and make optimal use of proteins. In nature, the cat’s diet consisted of different prey (mice, birds, fish), a prevalent source of protein and fat (in addition to fiber and other nutrients found in the digestive tract of this prey).
Almo Nature’s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between all types of fish and meat, dry and wet food (60% and 40% respectively in volume) complementary and complete. Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet to support hydration and reduce the risk of urinary infections.


Almo Nature Legend is prepared with the best HQS ingredients:

White meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, preserved in its own cooking broth in order to maintain all micronutrients.

100% Natural, without chemical additives, preservatives and colorants.

A diet in tune this nature requires rotation:

For an optimal nutritional balance we recommend to feed cats, all types of meat and fish in moist and dry food (60% and 40% of the total volume, respectively) to guarantee the intake of all the necessary nutrients.