Todos los alimentos para perros Almo Nature Classic son elaborados con ingredientes que en origen eran idóneos para el consumo humano y libres de conservantes y colorantes.

Almo Nature Classic se prepara con las mejores carnes blancas, carnes rojas, pescados, quesos, jamón, verduras y arroz conservados en su propio caldo de cocción, a fin de preservar todos sus micronutrientes.

Classic – Alimento complementario para perros – está disponible en formatos de 70 g,95g y 280g.

HFC Mega & Multipack

Almo Nature Mega & Multipack are 100% HFC, which means that the recipes are prepared with only meat and fish that was originally fit for human consumption and is now being used in our cat food for commercial reasons*.

This ensures you that the origin of the ingredients is clearly identified and guarantees your cat a natural and optimal intake of animal proteins for good dietary balance and psychophysical well-being.

Almo Nature Mega & Multipack are the traditional choice to offer your cat a high quality, complementary food that is free from preservatives or colourings.

Almo Nature Megapack – also available for kittens- contains 6 x 70g tins of the same recipe (e.g. 6 x chicken fillet).

Almo Nature Multipack contains 3 x 2 tins featuring three different recipes (e.g. 2 x chicken drumstick/ 2 x chicken and shrimps/ 2 x chicken and pumpkin)

*According to Regulation (EC) N. 1069/2009 Art.10, paragraph a)