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Complete care made easy

A Holistic composition that fulfils the nutritional needs of your dog with fresh meat or fresh fish as the #1 ingredient.

It’s never been easier to give your dog’s diet the attention it deserves!

Why do our customers choose Holistic?

Excellent, gentle diet

My Lab looks great on this food! She’s shiny, happy, energetic but not hyper. Her digestion and what comes out at the other end have never been better.

Em, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Good Organic Ingredients = Glossy Coat, Happy Dog

Smeegle loves this and it really is the only food that makes his coat glossy and gives him supreme health. We used to get it in a local shop and when that closed down we tried a different, other ‘premium’ food but they just didn’t come close at all. Alternatives made his coat dull and his energy disappeared.

Ness, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Excellent food for sensitive dogs

Our German Shepherd loves this food. We had real problems finding a suitable dried food for him, everything we tried flared up either his dermatitis or digestive problems. This his sensitive system can tolerate, and he wolfs it down!

Gemma, Zooplus review. Not a veterinary advice.

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Best food so far

Shiny coat, healthy dog, he loves this food! We tried other food but this is by far the best, most balanced and natural and it’s not even the most expensive!

Erica, Zooplus review

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

What makes Holistic different?


The internal organs of your animal companion aren’t functioning separately – they are interlinked and perform as a complex system. To maintain its natural order and support its natural function, you have to think of it as a single entity and consider all its needs. That’s exactly what we did when we created our Holistic range for dogs.

Benedetta Giannini

Veterinarian and nutritional expert

Complete nutrition

Fresh and tasty meat or fish

#1 ingredient
is fresh meat or fresh fish

  • High percentage of fresh meat or fresh fish

    Each serving of Almo Nature Holistic kibble contains up to 26% fresh meat or fresh fish, making it a rich and extremely tasty meal.

  • Taking care of specific needs

    Recipes with no added grain. Ideal for those who choose a product without added cereals.

There is a Holistic for every dog!

Almo Nature Holistic comes in a range of different products to suit all dogs, regardless of their breed and age. All you have to do is choose a kibble that suits the needs of your dog.

And above all – it is convenient to purchase and store, available in 400g2kg and 12kg sizes.

What people say about Holistic

  • Nice and soft – never had any issue
    My dog loves it – been using it for years and his fur is shiny, nice and soft – never had any issue.

    Dani dog companion

  • My dog loved this food:
    Great flavor, she eats everything in no time and she is full of energy and her coat looks fantastic.

    Patricia dog companion

  • Easy on the digestion and very appetising for my little oldie
    I have a very fussy, little Oldie who absolutely loves this food! Her appetite has never been wonderful but she now looks forward to her meals! Her poos are nicely formed and solid but not dry, like they were before. I will definitely be buying this product again.

    Janet dog companion

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