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We believe in a future where people and animals live side by side as equals and friends. In order to accomplish this, human activity needs to stop expanding at the cost of others. We need to start searching for long-term solutions to protect the natural environment. This can be achieved through technological, economic and intellectual progress.

For the moment, we’re focussing on restructuring and re-establishing the balance between humans and nature, aiming for a harmonious and sustainable future.

A renewed relationship

First of all, we need to change our attitude towards the natural environment. We might have more power and recourses but that doesn’t mean we’re supreme beings.

We don’t have the right to treat animals as if they’re inferior to us. We share a planet with these beautiful unique beings, and they deserve our care and respect.

A new ecosystem

All our actions are aimed at creating a new ecosystem, in which people are highly motivated to live alongside nature and have the financial resources to do so. In order to accomplish lasting results, we’re putting in sustained efforts with a look to the future, rather than focussing on one-off projects.

How do we aim to execute our projects?

As a community!

  • Identify the problem

  • Analyse the root cause

  • Consider possible solutions

  • Experiment and evaluate new proposals

  • Provide the tools and help implementing them

  • Establish the required level of management and supervision, and move on to the next project

Fuelled by pet food

The Almo Nature ecosystem doesn’t depend on donations or subsidies from the government. It solely relies on the choices you make. By buying Almo Nature pet food, you become a vital part of the movement.

We care for your animal companions. Almo Nature stands out from other brands in Europe because of its qualitative, innovative products.

We were the first company to introduce animal food with ingredients originally fit for human consumption (HFC) on the market.

Today, using only natural ingredients, Almo Nature offers four unique product ranges (HFC, BioOrganic, Holistic and Daily) to its customers, with HFC as the premium choice.

How it works

  • You buy high-quality food for your companion animal from a company with a socio-economic model

  • 100% of all profits coming from Almo Nature product sales are allocated projects that help protecting cats, dogs and biodiversity

  • Thanks to our complete transparency, you see real results

100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding.

When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

100% of Almo Nature profits are allocated to solidarity projects, 
what’s the catch?

Pier Giovanni Capellino, the founder of Almo Nature, decided in 2018 to become a pioneer of change by allocating 100% of all product sales profits to solidarity projects.

Since 31 January 2018, the Fondazione Capellino has been in charge of developing and funding projects that help to protect cats, dogs and biodiversity.

A few numbers

  • 0

    shelters and associations have joined the project

  • 0

    meals have been donated to shelters to help feed cats and dogs

  • 0

    cats and dogs have been given food support and a better chance on adoption

Want to get involved?

Some of us think there’s nothing we can do to protect wildlife or help to preserve biodiversity. But they are wrong, everyone is capable of helping nature. It’s the little things that make a difference. These are some of the actions you can take now:

  • Give Almo Nature food

    Your cat or dog will enjoy a completely natural, high-quality meal, and 100% of the profits from your purchase will be allocated to our projects aiming to protect cats, dogs and biodiversity.

    • When you buy food for your companion animal, the profit is returned to Mother Nature.

    • We find new opportunities to protect animals, preserve biodiversity and restore the ecological balance through our projects.

    • We focus on effective solutions that sustain themselves in the long run, allowing you to take part in a lasting approach, rather than a one-off endeavour.

  • Share our idea with friends & family

    Follow us on social media and share our updates and stories with your friends and followers. Each share counts, and every purchase is an opportunity for another animal.

    • Wild animals get a real chance at peaceful coexistence with humans.

    • More homeless animals get the opportunity to find a loving family.

    • An increased number of people find out how they can help animals.

  • Speak up for nature

    Join us and we’ll notify you whenever your voice is needed for a cause, such as changing animal welfare legislation (e.g. by signing petitions or completing surveys).

    • A compassionate attitude towards animals

    • Less cruelty, more  love and care in the world

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