Companion Animal For Life

Information sheet and collaboration agreement

Companion Animal For Life (CAFL) is a European project that aims to put a stop to animal abandonment, decrease the number and the length of time that animals spent in shelters, and transform animal shelters into temporary refuges that only serve a single purpose: adoption.

The project also wants to ensure that humans can be held responsible and accountable for the care of their animals through systematic microchipping and registration procedures, from the moment of birth.

A quick overview of our actions:

Emergency support:
This action is an integral part of the project, helping European animal associations and rescue centers, by providing food for dogs and cats in emergency situations. Shelters and associations who find themselves in a temporary emergency situation are able to benefit from this support as long as they support and join all three actions the project consists of.

Encouraging adoptions:
Our main goal is to encourage adoption in order to empty shelters and reduce the abandonment of cats and dogs. We promote responsible adoption, helping as many dogs and cats as possible to find a new forever home and encourage pet owners to choose a high quality diet for their animal companions.
Each animal who is adopted from a participating shelter is given a months’ worth of free food and we will simultaneously provide the same amount of food to an animal that stays behind in the shelter.

Promoting a European law in favour of Identification & Registration for all companion animals:
Almo Nature and Fondazione Capellino work actively on the development of a European law that stresses the importance of Identification & Registration of companion animals, promotes responsible ownership by making people legally accountable for the care of their companion animal, and tackles the illegal pet trade and puppy mills.

We welcome your interest in our “Companion Animal For Life” project.
We would like to work with you because we believe that our goals can only be achieved with the support of dedicated partners and strong relationships. We depend on your enthusiasm and active participation in order to document our collaborative actions and our efforts to increase the number of adoptions.

We need your help to spread the word about Almo Nature/Fondazione Capellino and everything we do so that we can help even more shelters and associations!

In order to finalise your application, please take a moment to read and sign this collaboration agreement, as it forms the backbone of our partnership and ongoing commitment.

Hereby you confirm the following:

  • Animals are treated humanely in your facility. Their physical and psychological needs are cared for and the operation adhering to all national animal welfare regulations.
  • Comfort euthanasia is banned from all your locations.
  • Sterilisation is compulsory before any adoption is finalised.
  • The Almo Nature team can visit your facility without prior notice.
  • All adoptions are handled responsibly.
  • Providing regular reports. Almo Nature will receive a quarterly report of the adoptions that were made possible through the CAFL project, including a description of the number of adopted dogs/cats (proof of adoption has to be uploaded on our website, as well as the signed privacy policy). In return, you will receive a quarterly amount of high-quality Almo Nature pet food.
  • You will actively communicate about all Almo Nature/Fondazione Capellino projects, initiatives, campaigns, and petitions through your social media platforms.
  • Publish an overview of the achieved results through the CAFL project on your website and social media platforms, making sure to tag Almo Nature/Fondazione Capellino (#AlmoNature) and the project itself (#CompanionAnimalForLife). Please make sure to include the national Facebook and Twitter accounts, and our international Instagram account (#almonatureofficial) when promoting and/or interacting with us.
  • Once an adoption is secured and finalised, you will provide the adopter with the Almo Nature starter kit: one informative flyer, a voucher with a registration link to our website (, 6 tins of Almo Nature food, and a tote bag.
  • Provide regular pictures of the achieved adoptions, including the adopted dog or cat, the adopter, and the Almo Nature starter kit).

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