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Regenerating means to revive a living organism
that’s been destroyed,
creating a new paradigm.

This is Regenerating Villa Fortuna.

Agriculture activity has a significant impact on the environment.

The intensive farming industry only responds and adheres to the interests and objectives from the exact opposites of public and/or environmental interests:
– Forests and biodiverse habitats are destroyed to make room for new crops and intensive farmlands;
– Fields are considered blank sheets at the disposal of a small number of people who use them for their own capital gain.
New solutions promoting sustainable practices that don’t harm the environment and don’t exploit workers or mislead consumers are gaining momentum.

But we want to do more than talk.
We want real and immediate action, action that’s conducted in the fields with scientific rigor.
We want to stay away from the ideological and direct our focus to real life data resulting from measurements and verifications by third parties.
We want strong results.

That’s what Regenerating Villa Fortuna is all about..

How can we accomplish this together?

  • If you have a dog or a cat, choose Almo Nature over any other brand

  • Spread the word! Talk about our initiative to relatives, friends, or anyone else who could possibly help.

  • Support initiatives and sign petitions that are related to the project

100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding.

When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

Restore the land

The most important thing for us to do, in order to make everyone understand the benefits of this conservation approach, is to illustrate it, and that is exactly what we’re doing:

  • We make use of agricultural methods that respect the fertility of the soil and the local ecosystem, and implement these to restore the land.

  • All of this is done in continuous cooperation with experts, and the results will be verified by the academic world.

Support the project

Our next step, after finalising the recovery phase, is to share the results with each and every academic institution and community that could find this interesting.

We also hope that this experiment can also become a cue for other projects to develop.

Want to get involved?

Some of us think there’s nothing we can do to protect wildlife or help to preserve biodiversity. But they are wrong, everyone is capable of helping nature. It’s the little things that make a difference. These are some of the actions you can take now:

  • Give Almo Nature food

    Your cat or dog will enjoy a completely natural, high-quality meal, and 100% of the profits from your purchase will be allocated to our projects aiming to protect cats, dogs and biodiversity.

    • When you buy food for your companion animal, the profit is returned to nature.

    • Through our projects, we find new ways to protect biodiversity and restore the ecological balance.

    • We focus on solutions that don’t request permanent external support. So you become a part of integral approach, not a one-time effort.

  • Share our idea with friends & family

    Follow us on social media and share our updates and stories with your friends and followers. Each share counts, and every purchase is an opportunity for another animal.

    • Wild animals get a real chance at peaceful coexistence with humans in a preserved eco-system.

    • The restored lands give a new home to the wildlife that was forced to live on what was left of their natural habitats.

    • An increased number of people find out how they can help to preserve biodiversity and restore the eco balance.

  • Speak up for nature

    Join us and we’ll notify you whenever your voice is needed for a cause, such as changing animal welfare legislation (e.g. by signing petitions or completing surveys)

    • A compassionate attitude towards animals

    • Less cruelty, more  love and care in the world

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