Almore is…

For Almo Nature, ALMORE means communicating the brand and it’s ethical values through concrete projects of solidarity.

But, what is ALMORE for you?

We have asked you this question through our Facebook page, during the past month, and your participation and engagement has been incredible! A ton of concrete examples of real aLmore have been shared with us!

Here below are the most touching stories that we want everyone to have a chance to read:

Neil Cooper

After a storm I found a young grey seal pup and sat with her for 6 hours until the Seal rescue arrived. She was released after being very well looked after at the sanctuary. What an awesome feeling it was, she was only 4/5 days old and will now hopefully have many years ahead of her now, and many pups of her own

Dee M Power

Ive rescued both of my husky’s, the white was starved and locked in a cage and we think beaten, grrrrrrrr, would love to beat the owners. My other one was neglected not loved and got hit from what I was told, allowed to go nowhere in the house. Here they are now.

Rainbow Skye

This is one of my rescues (I have a Rabbit, a chinchilla, 4 degu, 2 gerbils, 2 dogs a a cat currently, all rescue) but this little girl is special. She came to me one year ago from Last chance rescue in Romania, all the way to the UK to live with my UK rescue Stan. Minnie is a wild, funny, silly girl & she has fitted into the family really well. Although she was one of the lucky ones that was in a private shelter from being dumped as a pup, she lived with dogs that had been abused, abandoned & treated like vermin. Romania is truly the worst place to be a stray dog. I feel so grateful that she’s away from there, in a forever home. I wish her friends had that too. I would love it if any one reading this could search for Last Chance Rescues page, give them a big like, show some love & support for the wonderful Monika-Andrea Kovacs who gives her heart & soul for these dogs & cats. If I can get her even one like out of this marathon post, I’ll be happy.

Gem Mays

Took in a stray that was living in a cardboard box in the middle of the snow, frightened and hungry..he still had a kitten tail not fully grown like other cats..kitten mieow and he didnt know how to growl as noone taught i took him home he shot under ther the bed n wldnt come out until he was i put food out n water eventually he came out, with a bit of time and patience, he started to trust me..and only me at the time…anyone else came near he wld run n hide…so eventually he learned that the ppl.that were around him wanted to show him love n he had had a real bad start..he didnt know what love was…only that it was being dumped outside with no food water or shelter apart from this box he found at the worst time of year…once again..time and patience he slowly learned that the ppl that came to see him..(my family and friends) werent going to hurt him or treat him badly..and he became trusting once more..also he had 2 other cats to look after him and play with who were also rescue..i had him for 10 long years before he passed away dec 4th 2014…R.I.P SNOWY..