Almo Nature at the National Pet Show 2014

Almo nature was very proud to be participating in the first ever National Pet show at the NEC in Birmingham!

It was lovely to be in Birmingham as we were able to meet many of our customers who live in the Midlands and further north in the UK. We were also very excited to meet many new customers and pet shops who had not yet tried our great natural pet foods! As always, the high quality ingredients and the fresh approach to pet foods, gained us a lot of attention and many new Almo Nature converts!

As always, our cat foods were very well received and we constantly had a fresh tin of food opened on show – and also for tasting – after all, it is all human grade high quality food, so anybody can enjoy it and many did! But for us the best part was talking to all the pet owners and hearing how they are all becoming aware of what pet food is and the different levels of quality available in the market – it’s very rewarding for us to hear how customers love the Almo nature philosophy of better ingredients for better health.

Our stand was located adjacent to the Dog Arena and at lunch time many of the dogs enjoyed our best-seller – Green Label Natural Soup! From all the wagging tails we could see they really enjoyed it!

All around the hall you could see people walking around with their Almo nature purchases and samples – for us this makes it a great event and we are looking forward to attend next year when it will be even bigger and better!

The Manifesto for Good Adoption

Those who adopt a dog will have to sign a few, very clear moral rules to avoid taking their pet from a harsh prison to a sneaky regime of punishment, inflicted by ignorant and selfish owners. Here they are.

I am freeing this friend from the kennels because I want to give him back all possible freedom; I will therefore teach him to socialize with other living beings in our daily life, so that he can spend time with everyone

  • I will develop a balanced emotional relationship which respects our diversity and I will not betray his nature by letting him sleep in my bed, eat with me at the table, or by stuffing him with bad food just to follow my selfish instincts and emotional weaknesses
  • I will learn from my dog and educate him while respecting his personality; this means I will teach him the rules of coexistence in the spaces where we will go together, without changing or betraying his deep nature
  • I will ensure my support until the end of his life
  • I am aware that caring for this dog is a process whose award for me is the possibility to improve myself

Adopt a dog! He is waiting: he has already chosen you!