Fondazione Capellino has created and promoted an innovative model: Reintegration Economy. The aim is to make an experimental but real transition towards a new social-cultural-entrepreneurial model with a positive impact on biodiversity, habitats and the fight against climate change. A process for which the Foundation is the guarantor.

The model implies that 100% of the revenues (net of costs and taxes, and hence the dividend) of a company owned by a non-profit foundation is used to serve the common good.

This is what Almo Nature and RVF Società Agricola Sperimentale (wholly owned by Fondazione Capellino) do. They allocate 100% of their revenues (net of costs and taxes) to the projects that the Foundation conducts in the following areas:

Preservation and Restoration of Natural habitats

Protecting and extending natural terrestrial and marine habitats

Climate change and global warming

Planting trees: the natural and best technological solution

Regenerative agriculture

Bringing biodiversity to agriculture

Impatto delle attività umane sulla biodiversità

Promoting biodiversity impact measurement models to overcome the failed sustainability measurement model

Promoting Reintegration Economy

To express Reintegration Economy’s potential to its full, we need to explore fresh forms of expression and the use of different communication platforms

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