Our only concern is the quality of the food that we feed our companion animals with.

The HFC logo stands for meat or fish that was originally fit for human consumption, and is now used in our cat and dog food.

HFC guarantees the highest quality pet food recipes on the market today:

High-quality animal protein to meet their nutritional requirements

Real meat and fish are crucial for their well-being because animal proteins are essential for the growth and preservation of their cell structure.

No chemical preservatives, no artificial flavours, no GMOs

Our products are developed and prepared without the use of any chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT), artificial flavours, food colouring, or any other sort of chemical additives.

HFC kibble contains 100% fresh meat or fresh fish. No use of meat or fish meal

Animal proteins retain their nutritional value because of our special cooking process, which ensures all the important vitamins, fibres, and minerals are preserved. It also helps in maintaining the natural flavour, allowing for a nutritious and tasty meal that doesn’t need any artificial flavouring.

Why should you choose HFC?

The perfect diet ensures that all essential amino acids are absorbed by the body. Animal proteins are a key player in this process and should be high in nutritional value.

Meat and fish, both sources of essential amino acids, are the most important ingredients in a dog’s or cat’s diet. Although cats and dogs have different evolutionary profiles and characteristics, they have the same requirements when it comes to nutrients that are essential for their health, development, and growth.

Vegetable proteins don’t provide the same essential amino acids as animal proteins do and therefor shouldn’t be at the centre of a carnivore’s nutrition. HFC meat and HFC fish guarantee the highest quality and the biggest variety of nutrients.

Would you like your companion to give it a try?

Explore our range and find your companion’s next favourite recipe by inserting their food preferences in terms of flavour and consistency:

an innovation in dry food

 is an absolute innovation.
Not only because all the ingredients are HFC certified –originally fit for human consumption and now used in our pet food – but also because Almo Nature was the very first company in the pet food industry to introduce kibble that’s made with 100% fresh meat or 100% fresh fish, without ever using meat meal, fish meal, dehydrated meat, or dehydrated fish.

It’s full of meat

up to 170g of fresh HFC meat

The slow cooking process preserves the essential nutrients

100g of kibble


Alternative for dogs Alternative for cats

Almo Nature’s Holistic focusses on the functional needs of our companion animals, respecting their nutritional requirements during a specific time or stage of their life. The combination of fresh meat or fresh fish as the first ingredient, together with important nutrients such as fibers, minerals, and vitamins make these recipes complete and delicious.

A complete nutritional approach for all your companion’s dietary needs

  • Meat and fish as the first ingredient

    Meat and fish, both sources of essential amino acids, are the most important ingredients in a dog’s or cat’s diet. Animal proteins are essential for the growth and maintenance of the animal’s cell structure.

  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals

    Holistic also uses animal parts such as giblets (liver, spleen) that are rich in vitamins and minerals. These are, and always have been, an important source of nutrients for carnivores living in the wild.

  • A little bit of help for your cat

    The Holistic line for cats includes recipes that can help with a range of bodily functions such as digestion, the urinary system, eliminating hairballs, and weight control for sterilised cats.  

  • No chemical preservatives, no GMOs

    Our products are free from any chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT) or artificial flavours, and don’t contain any food colouring.

Why choose the Holistic approach?

  • Fresh meat or fresh fish as the #1 ingredient
  • Carefully prepared for great taste  
  • Holistic solutions for the cat’s functional needs

fresh meat and fresh fish are the
#1 ingredient

The “Organic” label promotes organic farming and animal welfare. Almo Nature’s BioOrganic range is certified “Organic”, meaning that our dog and cat food products comply with all EU regulations on organic farming.

The Organic label guarantees complete transparency in regards to the origin of the food, so that you can be confident about the contents of each tray.

  • Strict quality control

    Companies are only allowed to label their products as organic if they have been certified by the EU legislation on organic farming.

  • No chemical preservatives, no GMOs

    BioOrganic is free from any GMOs (genetically modified organisms), artificial colouring or chemical preservatives, providing your dog or cat with a complete food made from natural ingredients.

  • Eco-friendly and cruelty free

    The ingredients of agricultural origin come from organic farming, respecting animals and the environment.

Why should you choose BioOrganic ?

  • There are no artificial sweeteners or chemical preservatives
  • The source of the ingredients is completely transparent
  • Keeps hormones out of your companion’s food

What people say about BioOrganic

  • Great food, nice size carton for a meal when mixed with dry food, and the cartons are easy to clean for recycling compared to the tinned food! My dog loves this and clears his plate every day.

    Ster via Amazon.co.uk dog companion

The Daily range offers a wide selection of tasty recipes that suit every cat and dog. It’s a Daily reward for your companion, at an affordable price.

Wide variety of recipes

The wide variety of ingredients (meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables) in the Daily complete recipes are guaranteed to satisfy the palate of every dog and every cat.

No chemicals, no GMOs

Our products don’t contain chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT) or artificial colouring.

Balanced recipes

The Daily range for dogs and cats is designed to provide them with delicious, complete and nutritionally balanced food. The fish and meat that are used in these recipes conform to all high-quality pet food standards.

What people say about Daily

  • Our fussy cat loves this
    Title says it all. Our cat who seems to like the finer things has been eating this for a while and hasn’t got sick of it. I’m pretty pleased as it seems good quality and reasonably priced.

100% of Almo Nature’s profits are allocated to projects that help animals and biodiversity through various projects of Fondazione Capellino. There is no chance on reverse action and there are no strings attached.

When you buy Almo Nature products, you become a part of our mission.

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