A new model of exchange with nature


The declaration is signed:

Almo Nature will be donated to Fondazione Capellino

Dear Friends,

I would like to share a choice with you that, as a result of an inner journey, establishes a new starting point for myself, and the company that I have headed until today.

In the coming months, I will transfer, with a retroactive effect on the profits (dividends) accrued since 1 January 2018, the entire property of Almo Nature to Fondazione Capellino, established with the sole purpose of promoting projects in defence of dogs, cats and biodiversity.

Pier Giovanni

Founder of Almo Nature

What’s the Fondazione Capellino’s mission?

It will represent everyone who share our values. It is a tool that gives a voice to those who care about their companion animals and biodiversity. It is a new model that will improve the quality of life for the natural environment as well as the people who work with us. The foundation will run its own projects, participate in third-party projects and manage the projects that were already initiated by Almo Nature.

APRIL 2018

Pier Giovanni signed the deed of incorporation

The solidarity projects will be further developed using the accrued profits (dividends) from 1 January onwards, once all assets that belong to Almo Nature have been transferred to the foundation.

However, the formal handover is currently awaiting execution due to legislative processes in Italy. To continue, the Italian government has to approve the reform of the service industry (for non-profit associations), which does not include specific regulations for foundations, and this is currently hampered by the ineffectiveness of the government and the parliament.

Who will own Almo Nature?

The foundation will be Almo Nature’s only owner, thus creating a new company model that we call solidarity capitalism. It will be owned by the animals and all the humans who share the same values.

Who will own the foundation?

The foundation has no owners, neither physical persons nor legal entities. Its sole owner is its purpose: the defence of dogs and cats and the safeguarding of biodiversity. It will account for its actions through governance by the public authorities. The founder’s only right is to be a lifelong member of the Board. The foundation will not distribute benefits to any private individual, and in the event of discontinuation, its assets will become the property of the state.

JULY 2018

The statute is published

Before obtaining the prefecture’s recognition, the statute underwent several modifications, including a very substantial one that will open the foundation’s assembly meeting (the assembly of the objectives) to the people.

As soon as the submitted application, including the established budget, is approved by the Italian tax authorities, we will be able to transfer all properties belonging to Almo Nature to the Fondazione Capellino. This has no further consequences for the profit* that has been accrued for the foundation since January 2018.

* what remains (surplus, balance, difference), once normal business management expenses are deducted from the revenue accrued from product sales

What does it mean to be this new kind of company in the pet food market?

Our main goal is to produce the best food for dogs and cats. We want every cat and dog parent to know that they are feeding their companions quality food, and that their purchase benefits other animals and nature. That is why we initiated the Fondazione Capellino and have combined the two entities. The foundation has an innovative socio-economic model: a non-profit foundation (The Capellino Foundation) with the sole objective of defending dogs and cats and preserving biodiversity. Merging with the company (labour + financial capital + branded products), the foundation has access to profits that allow it to pursue its main aim. This way, both animals and customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of Almo Nature.


Acknowledged by the Prefecture of Genoa

On November 5, 2018 The Fondazione Capellino was acknowledged by the Prefecture of Genoa.

Who will be in charge of the foundation?

The foundation will be governed by its board and will uphold its own statutes, operating with full transparency, and subject to the scrutiny of both the general public and public authorities. It will publish an annual financial report that includes a balance of payments and a list of all achievements.

10 JUNE 2019

The Italian tax office responds to our appeal for ruling from last November and accepts all our arguments.

28 JUNE 2019

Almo Nature was donated to the Fondazione Capellino, marking the official start of a new solidary and economic model (the duality), in which the property and revenue don’t benefit an individual but a purpose: protecting cats, dogs and biodiversity.

The Fondazione Capellino – FAQ

  • Almo Nature is a pet food manufacturer that now wants to protect animals by means of the foundation. Isn’t this idea a contradiction?

    Donating Almo Nature’s profit to a foundation won’t solve every problem relating to biodiversity, but it will make a genuine difference in the lives of animals and the natural environment. Something that can only expand in the years to come. If you’re a bridge builder, you know that affecting change, especially in regards to complex issues such as protecting biodiversity, requires time, hard work and personal sacrifice. Ambition and creativity are not enough.

  • How is the Fondazione Capellino financed?

    All profits accrued from 1 January 2018 and onwards will be at the disposal of the foundation and, in line with Italian legislation, all assets belonging to Almo Nature will be donated to the foundation as soon as possible.

  • How can I become a part of the Fondazione Capellino?

    You are supporting the foundation’s goal by buying Almo Nature or recommending our products to everyone who’s sharing their home with a companion animal. You are supporting substantial projects that will defend dogs, cats and biodiversity. From 1 January 2018, all Almo Nature’s profit will be transferred to the foundation.

  • Is this just a marketing strategy?

    No, that makes it sound like Almo Nature created a foundation just to publicise its social agenda. In our case, Almo Nature is owned by the foundation and the projects initiated by the foundation are funded by the profit of the company. From capitalism to solidarity capitalism: Almo Nature is 100% solidarity capitalism.

  • Why was the Fondazione Capellino founded as a “commercial institution without profit” and not a “non-profit organisation?”

    According to Italian law, as a commercial institution without profit, the foundation has the right to run Almo Nature on its own and to be financed by its profits. Establishing the foundation as a non-profit organisation would have required selling Almo Nature and re-investing the left over capital. Pier Giovanni didn’t want to separate the solidarity projects from the commercial side of the business and decided to unite them as one. This way, anyone who works at Almo Nature is part of a wider vision, a place where profit doesn’t end up in a private bank account, but is at the disposal of living beings, both human and non-human, both vegetal and mineral. Because after all, everything on earth is life.

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