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Tackling the conflict between wolves and humans.

An ambitious strategy that sprung from the need for a sustainable solution.

We as human beings will need to start questioning our actions in order to decide how we want to share the natural environment with other species, and how we can protect and sustain the biodiversity in our surroundings. One method would be to stop expanding at the expense of other living species and to limit the amount of space we take up. It’s important that we start to see the indispensable necessity of biodiversity for the planet’s, as well as our own, survival. This is exactly why we follow a path of prudence and aim to preserve and protect biodiversity through our projects.

With this project, we aim to safeguard the space that large mammals (carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores) need in order to survive, and we promote the peaceful coexisting of wild animals and humans.

There are two key actions we take to make this happen:

a) Provide a peaceful solution
We can protect wolves and help farmers by providing guard dogs and dog food on a long-term basis. There’s only one essential and crucial condition that the farmers need to adhere to: their sincere commitment to the well-being of their dogs, as well as wild animals.

b) Support farmers who choose peaceful coexistence.This part of the project revolves around attention to quality and respect for the environment and biodiversity, including predators. All our actions within this project are aimed at reducing the conflict and establishing an alliance between farmers and predators.

The long-term goal is to create a new model facilitating and promoting peaceful coexistence between humans and all other living species.

How can we achieve this together?

  • If you have a dog or a cat, choose Almo Nature over any other brand

  • Spread the word! Talk about our initiative to relatives, friends, or anyone else who could possibly help. This will give a voice to wolves and other predators living in the EU

  • Support initiatives and sign petitions that are related to the project

100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding.

When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

Important project results:

  • 0 farmers have joined the project and now rely on cruelty free prevention methods

  • 0 guard dogs are currently helping farmers in Tuscany, Liguria, southern Italy and more

We also support the Life Wolf project, which recently won the Life Award 2019 – Nature category! The LIFE WOLFALPS project was appreciated for its ability to engage a large audience in the debate on conservation and management of the wolf, with a variety of approaches, methods and languages.

Provide a peaceful solution

We can protect wolves and help farmers, by providing sheepdogs and dog food on a long-term basis. There’s only one essential condition that the farmers need to adhere to: their sincere commitment to the well-being of the dogs and the predators.

  • I feel so excited to follow this project, not being expert or anything. I experienced magical moments, met incredible people, ate some unique cheese… learned. Farmers, heroic shepherds, there is still a lot to do and I will always be here to help you.

    Cami Arza 31.12.2018

  • The dogs … are great eaters! Thanks to the amazing support of Almo Nature…which provided 3300 kg of kibble that we have distributed to the pastors participating in the project.

    Eliante 25.07.2018

Support the work and produce of farmers who choose peaceful coexistence.

We’ll start to support the food production industry in the European highlands from 2019 onwards. The initiative has two conditions:

  • pay attention to quality, and show respect for biodiversity, including predators

  • create a a platform to support product sales from farmers who have/want to join the initiative

Want to get involved?

Some of us think there’s nothing we can do to protect wildlife or help to preserve biodiversity. But they are wrong, everyone is capable of helping nature. It’s the little things that make a difference. These are some of the actions you can take now:

  • Feed your companion animal

    Your cat or dog will enjoy a completely natural, high-quality meal, and 100% of the profits from your purchase will be allocated to our projects aiming to protect cats, dogs and biodiversity.

    • When you buy food for your companion animal, the profit is returned to nature.

    • We find new opportunities to protect animals, preserve biodiversity and restore the ecological balance through our projects.

    • We focus on effective solutions that sustain themselves in the long run, allowing you to take part in a lasting approach, rather than a one-off endeavour.

  • Share our idea with friends & family

    Follow us on social media and share our updates and stories with your friends and followers. Each share counts, and every purchase is an opportunity for another animal

    • Wild animals get a real chance at peaceful coexistence with humans.

    • Wild animals return to their natural habitats and have better chances to live and evolve there.

    • An increased number of people find out how they can help to preserve the biodiversity.

  • Speak up for nature

    Join us and we’ll notify you whenever your voice is needed for a cause, such as changing animal welfare legislation (e.g. by signing petitions or completing surveys)

    • A compassionate attitude towards animals

    • Less cruelty, more  love and care in the world

Want to partner up?

Do you represent an organisation that can help with this project? We’d love to hear from you.

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