A tasty meal for every dog

A complete food with a wide variety of natural ingredients that will satisfy your dog’s taste buds and nutritional needs. It’s our entry level range that provides your dog with natural, balanced sustenance.

What makes Daily so different?

  • Nutritionally balanced

    The Daily recipes are prepared with natural ingredients and contain all essential elements and nutrients to meet your dog’s daily dietary needs.

  • Appetising

    The wide range of recipes using various, natural ingredients (meat, fish, and vegetables) will satisfy every cat’s taste buds – even the fussiest ones.

  • No chemical preservatives, no GMOs

    Our products are free from any chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT) or artificial flavours, and don’t contain any food colouring.

Almo Nature’s nutritional advice: Focus on dry, add wet food for palatability

We recommend focusing on dry food for the ultimate nutritional balance. Alternate between meat kibble and fish kibble to keep it interesting, and add a small percentage of wet food to stimulate their sense of smell, increasing the appeal of the food to them.

Daily wet food

Completely natural mousse, pâté or delicious chunks with premium ingredients (red and white meat, fish, giblets, eggs and vegetables).

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100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding. When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

How that works

Choose a dry product for your dog

  • Holistic

    A classic Almo Nature kibble containing up to 26% fresh meat or fresh fish that guarantees great nutritional value for every dog.

    Choose Holistic
  • HFC dry food

    A complete food made with 100% fresh meat or fish that are 100% HFC — i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in our dog food.

    Choose HFC Dry

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