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A tasty meal for every cat

A complete food with a wide variety of natural ingredients that will satisfy your cat’s taste buds and nutritional needs. It’s our entry level range that provides your cat with natural, balanced sustenance.

Let’s find out what cats think about Daily

Dives straight into the bowl!

My current foster is a 10 year old who was found as a stray, emaciated and in very poor condition. She only has a few teeth left, so I wanted something easy for her to eat, and the mousse seemed perfect. When I gave it to her, she dived straight into the bowl and didn’t move once, not even to come up for air! The plate was almost licked clean, and after she finished she slept for hours.

Michelle , Zooplus

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Loves the texture, flavour, water content

My cat loves everything about this can of wet food. The texture, the flavour, the water content! I highly recommend and I’m looking forward to ordering more!

LizH ,

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Got his strength back

… neither myself nor the vet could get him to eat anything – anything at all. I tried endless types of cat food to tempt him, even real ham and chicken. In the end all he would eat was the Almo Nature Daily Menu tuna. That is ALL he would eat and he got his strength back and started living and moving again. So I would absolutely recommend this.

Rachel , Zooplus

(doesn’t constitute veterinary advice)

Because the food is

  • Nutritionally balanced

    The Daily recipes are prepared with natural ingredients and contain all essential elements and nutrients to meet your cat’s daily dietary needs. It’s a complete food that also helps to keep your cat naturally hydrated.

  • Appetising

    The wide range of recipes using various, natural ingredients (meat, fish, and vegetables) will satisfy every cat’s taste buds – even the fussiest ones.

  • No chemical preservatives, no GMOs

    Our products are free from any chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT) or artificial flavours, and don’t contain any food colouring.

Almo Nature nutritional advice: 60% wet 40% dry

Almo Nature’s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between different types of meat and fish, and rotating between wet food (60%) and dry food (40%).

Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet, it helps them stay hydrated and it reduces the risk of urologic diseases. Dry food is also important, it’s full of nutrients and it provides cats with the opportunity to eat several small portions throughout the day.

Don’t mix wet and dry food, though!

Daily wet food

Completely natural mousse, pâté or delicious chunks with premium ingredients (red and white meat, fish, giblets, eggs and vegetables).

Choose Daily for your cat


100% of Almo Nature’s profits are used to help animals through various projects of Fondazione Capellino, in total transparency and without any external funding. When you buy Almo Nature products, you act for change.

How it works

Choose a dry product for your cat

  • Holistic

    A complete food with fresh meat or fresh fish as the first ingredient. The recipes in the Holistic range are designed to meet your cat’s every functional need.

    Choose Holistic
  • HFC Alternative

    A complete food made with 100% fresh meat or fish. All meat and fish ingredients are 100% HFC — i.e. originally fit for human consumption and now used in our cat food.

    Choose HFC Alternative

What people say about Daily

  • Our cat loves it! Our cat is very fussy! As I opened the first tin he tried to get it out of my hand – and he still loves it.

    LizzieB Cat Companion

  • Only food my cat always comes back to. Consistently a winner. He likes a change but always comes back to this.

    Crispy Cat companion

  • Our fussy cat loves this. Title says it all. Our cat who seems to like the finer things has been eating this for a while and hasn’t got sick of it. I’m pretty pleased as it seems good quality and reasonably priced.

    Motin Cat companion

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