Holistic Grain Free

Grain Free is Almo Nature’s line of dry food for dogs made with fresh meat and fish that is designed for those who prefer to choose a food with no added grain.

Grain Free is especially recommended for hypersensitive dogs that have adverse reactions to cereals.

Grain Free is made with pork as is a white meat that is rich in proteins and minerals for optimal digestibility.

Grain Free is a complete dry food, with no artificial colours or preservatives, which guarantees a high quality, balanced meal. Adding carrubina, inulin and FOS provides a helpful supply of fibre, which assists with digestive health and bowel regularity, while the chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine help protect the joints of medium to large size dogs.

 Grain Free – Complete food for dogs – is available in 400g, 2kg and 12kg sizes.

Single Protein

Single Protein is a range of wet dog food made with a single source of protein for each recipe and no added cereals.

The five varieties of Single Protein have a single protein source and are grain free, ideal for exclusion diets and in cases of adverse reactions to specific foods.

The entire Single Protein range is completely natural, that is, free of dyes or chemical preservatives.

Single Protein – Complete food for dogs – is available in 400g cans.


 Sterilized is the best formula adapted to the needs of neutered cats, able to provide all the nutrients they need, day after day.

Neutered cats usually tend to gain weight due to reduced motor activity: it is estimated that their caloric needs decrease as much as 30% after sterilization.

The Sterilized wet recipes naturally provide hydration and are ideal for weight control because of their monitored calorie intake (only 54kcal per packet!)

Sterilised wet – Complete food for cats – is available in 70g pouches