“The Promise”, the short movie is online

The full-length version of The Promise, the short film directed by Gabriele Salvatores, produced by Almo Nature and created in collaboration with Zodiak Active, is online. This is a new stage in the sign of the Almore, the fil rouge that binds the company to art, solidarity, ethic and civil responsibility.

The Promise talks about the relationship between man and dog that is retraced in its thousand-year history by the Oscar-winning director through the selection of evocative images remembering that in the beginning it was the wolf and not the dog. At the base of this story there is, in fact, the idea of Pier Giovanni Capellino, founder of Almo Nature, who ran back in time, seeing humans in difficulty that promise wolves perennial respect in exchange for agreeing the pack because some of them became dogs.

The result is a story that combines the strength of the manifesto to the poetry of the modern fairy tale through a refined and metaphorical mechanism that pushes the viewer to reflection. The Promise is a hymn to the absolute respect of all living species with the resources of a multi-platform content. After the launch of the 30-second trailer and the broadcast of the emotional teaser, the full short movie is available to view.




This video is part of a wider project by Almo Nature, Farmers&Predators, whose aim is to favour and harmonise the cohabitation between farmers and wildlife.

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