The importance of including wet food in your dog’s summer diet

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Kibble + Wet Food = Nutritional Balance

The well-being of dogs starts at the bowl! A balanced diet that includes all the nutrients and satisfies water needs is essential, especially during the hot summer months.

Unlike a cat that is unaccustomed to drinking water, the dog is an animal which drinks spontaneously. For this reason, high quality complete dry food can be the basis of its daily diet.

But we shouldn’t forget the consumption of water: hydration is essential!

In fact, although dogs have the instinct to drink, Almo Nature’s nutritional advice for an optimal nutritional balance is to base a dog’s diet on dry food (alternating between meat and fish recipes) and to add a small percentage of HFC wet food – originally fit for human consumption – the highest quality possible. 

Dry foods have a moisture content of around 8% while wet foods have values that range between 75% to 86%. So, meals comprising wet foods permit natural hydration.


The function of wet food: nutrition and satisfaction!

Adding a small percentage of HFC wet food helps stimulate a dog’s sense of smell and makes a meal highly rewarding. Furthermore, wet food is an important source of micronutrients contributing to a dog’s general well-being.

Wet food can be considered a true “condiment”: its addition to the usual ration of kibble (reduced by about 10%), is useful to control calorie consumption in our four-legged friend’s meal. 

Furthermore, the choice of ingredients is essential to ensure good digestibility and proper assimilation. To meet this need, Almo Nature formulates a range of wet food for dogs made with pure ingredients that are originally fit for human consumption, such as the HFC Classic Dog line: the selection of the finest cuts, supplies our dog with proteins and micronutrients detectable only in meat and fish muscle – a high profile nutritional intake adapted to physiological needs of the animal is guaranteed!


Full belly, proper intake of nutrients and … satisfaction!

Do not forget that dogs are social animals and their gratification also passes from the bowl through a delicious meal that also stimulates its sense of smell: Almo Nature has thought of that too.


How to prepare the bowl

Now you can prepare your dog’s meal using just a few simple steps:

– Pour a small amount of wet food into the bowl

– Add the kibble

– Add the remaining portion of wet food as condiment

– Stir to mix


A tasty and balanced meal for your dog: bon appétit!

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