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Stimulate your dog’s sense of smell with new aLternative wet tins!

Table of Contents

The aLternative quality is now available in aLternative wet tins for your dog

These delicious, new recipes for dogs are not only visually inviting but are also characterised by the mouth-watering aroma of the ingredients. An aLternative tin is the ideal meal after a day spent playing together! All this deliciousness comes with the HFC* Guarantee i.e. that we use only natural ingredients originally fit for human consumption but that are now just for your dog.

The aLternative recipes are not only visually inviting but are characterised by the mouth-watering aroma of the ingredients. Containing no gluten and preservative-free, aLternative wet tins come in 5 gastronomic recipes for dogs:


Grilled Chicken

– Ham with Bresaola

– Bresaola

– Ham with Parmigiano

– Tuna


Dogs drink spontaneously and abundantly

Almo Nature’s Nutritional Advice for optimal nutritional balance is to focus on dry dog food alternating between meat and fish kibble. When combined with a small percentage of wet food, your dog’s sense of smell is stimulated, which makes their meal highly rewarding.

Wet food made from quality ingredients is a useful source of micronutrients for your dog’s general well-being and in particular when considering physical and climatic conditions.


Stimulate your dog’s sense of smell!

* HFC: with ingredients originally fit for human consumption now used in cat/dog food for commercial reasons.

This is the HFC guarantee.

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