Roll up roll up! It’s Carnival time for our cats and dogs

Italian people have a saying: ‘A Carnevale ogni scherzo vale’.  The literal translation of this phrase is: “During Carnival every joke counts“; which is the Italian way of saying that it’s okay to play a practical joke on someone during Carnival season. This phrase can easily be applied to our cats and dogs, whose lives are a constant carnival, of game playing, winding each other up and generally having fun. However, this is where the human–pet analogy ends.

Human practical jokes and teasing are quite mild compared to those of our household pets. A wise master will set limits as to what kind of behaviour is acceptable or not during times of pet-human play to prevent injury and the development of aggressive or manic behaviour. However, when it comes to our four-legged friends playing with their animal counterparts, the rules go out the window and the gloves come off! And you can pretty-much guarantee that someone will have a camera to hand, to video all the mad action.

So, in the cauldron of the Internet, we have found 2 videos, which are perfect examples of how our pets can have innocent fun – and not so innocent fun – without us. So sit back and enjoy these magical moments caught on camera…

1. Cats get catty: in the mood for games and teasing

Lightning paws, passing shots, and pushes that cause playmates and objects to topple. Bold and adventurous, cats do not fear the danger, the challenge or the unknown. The thrill of game is their ultimate goal: the important thing to remember is to stay well clear when they are in this mischievous mood or face the consequences…

2. Cats v dogs: housemates enjoy a game of rough and tumble

The script is always the same: big dogs v small cats, with the latter, seeming to get away with anything. In an entertaining ‘battle’ of provocation and endurance, the two supposed ‘archenemies’ play hard. The duels nearly always end in favour of the cat, which, in most cases, claims a cuddle from its housemate, the dog, as its reward.

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