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Pork meat and the new dry dog food from Almo Nature

Pork meat is considered a wholesome alternative to more traditional beef meat; it is the main ingredient used in our Holistic Grain Free dog kibble (dry food) and is selected for its unique nutritional characteristics.


Pork Meat: characteristics

Pork meat – like many other types of meat – is a great source of high-value biological proteins: every 100g of pork meat contains approximately 20 grams of protein.

Pork is rich in vitamin B complex and iron, selenium and other essential minerals that contribute to its high-quality nutritional profile.

Pork has radically changed its composition over time through careful control and a selection of the leaner cuts: today, only a third of the fat found in the meat is saturated fat.

Pork meat muscle fibres have a different structure to that found in beef which makes it more digestible and tender.


Holistic Grain Free: the new recipe with fresh pork meat

At Almo Nature, we are committed to preparing the highest quality foods possible and we have selected the leanest cuts of pork to prepare a natural, appetising and highly digestible dog kibble (dry food).

The Holistic Grain-Free recipe with fresh pork is prepared with a selection of lean cuts of fresh pork meat and a mix of vegetables without the addition of cereals, this meet the needs of those looking for a “grain-free” kibble. Ideal for dogs with cereal intolerances, which are becoming more and more frequent these days.

All the ingredients in Holistic dog kibble are natural and GMO-FREE… Because we believe that the ingredients really make the difference.


Learn more about the kibble for dogs Holistic Grain Free>

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