Whether you’ve just added a new companion to your family or you’re looking to change brands, choosing the most suitable food can feel like a daunting task.

But it doesn’t have to be, you just need to know what you’re looking for on the label. It’s densely packed with all the valuable information in the food.

The most important features you need to look at are:

Type of food: this shows us whether a food is complete (containing additional ingredients to animal proteins, such as rice, vegetables, vitamins, minerals) or complementary (containing a limited amount of ingredients, the main ingredient providing the flavour e.g. chicken).
Composition: this is the list of ingredients in the recipe in hierarchical order, descending from the highest quantity to the lowest. The ingredients can be presented as singular items or in grouped categories.
Analytical contents: the percentages of protein, fat, and fibre. N.B. a high percentage of proteins doesn’t necessarily indicate a high quality product. The latter depends on the quality of the protein. Remember that vegetable proteins are harder to digest.
Additives: are any substances that are added to the basic ingredients. We’re not just talking about preservatives and stabilisers, minerals and vitamins can also be added to make the food nutritionally complete.

Almo Nature offers both complete (nutritionally balanced) and complementary foods, the latter is always wet food. We advise to vary between complete and complementary foods to ensure a balanced diet.
Our labels “are concise”, which shows how natural our products are, all our recipes are made without any chemicals and only use fresh and quality basic ingredients.
When you go out and buy food for your companion, don’t choose the tins with eye-catching colours … always choose those with a short label, and read this carefully! It’s important to choose the right food for our companion.

If you want to know more, continue reading.

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