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HFC WILD TASTE Yellowfin Tuna

Table of Contents

Our new Wild Taste line of Almo Nature HFC wet cat food is now available to buy. The new product features Tuna that’s 100% HFC i.e. originally fit for human consumption¹. The main ingredient in our new HFC Wild Taste food for cats is yellowfin tuna buzzonaglia. The buzzonaglia is made up of threaded parts connected with the central spine, which have a high iron content and are low in fat.


Appreciated for its softness, HFC Wild Taste Yellowfin Tuna has a particularly strong and intense flavour and smell. A “smell” that cats like but that can be surprising for humans not used to intense smells (in some Italian regions, buzzonaglia is used to make pasta sauces by our human friends).


Buzzonaglia, though not as familiar to humans because it is considered a less valuable cut of fish, is particularly suited to our cats’ natures as carnivores and hunters that are guided by their sense of smell, as it is rich in aromatic blood.

The origin of the new HFC Wild Taste Yellowfin Tuna

The search for a coherence between what is socially desirable and what has economic value has led us to:

COMPOSITION: Tuna 75%, Fish broth 24% and Rice 1% – Net weight 70g

¹ Almo Nature describes as “HFC” the ingredients originally fit for human consumption (according to Regulation (EC) N. 1069/2009 article 10, paragraph a)

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