How to feed your cat in summer



The heat of the summer has well and truly arrived. It is easy to keep some animals hydrated, for example, give dogs a water bowl and they will hydrate themselves. However cats are notoriously poor drinkers – so we need to pay more attention to their diet to ensure they stay hydrated, especially during the warm summer months. The best way to help them stay hydrated is to make sure they have wet food in their diet; combining wet and dry food at a ratio of 60% wet to 40% dry is our advice for balanced nutrition and optimum hydration.

Cats are carnivores. In nature, domestic felines take in most of the fluids they need through the small prey they eat: consequently, they don’t drink instinctively. Choosing a diet that is lighter and richer in liquids is the ideal solution to hydrate cats in the most natural way i.e. through their food!


Which food to choose for quality and hydration?

The answer is HFC, a line of wet recipes for cats that can satisfy even the most demanding palates!

All of the recipes in the HFC are formulated with a rich broth and prepared with 100% HFC* ingredients i.e. originally fit for human consumption. Perfect for cats that tend to gain weight, the “Light” Classic recipes are low in fat and made with proteins and vegetables or only proteins; they offer all of the taste of traditional Almo Nature recipes while reducing the calories.

The HFC 55g sachets are particularly suitable for providing extra hydration in the summer heat thanks to their high percentage of natural broth and a single-serve format, which is ideal to ensure the cat a hydrating meal that’s rich in essential micronutrients.

HFC is available in many different variations, almost 100 different recipes! And cats love them all!

Almo Nature’s advice for a balanced diet is to alternate between all types of fish and meat, wet and dry food (split 60/40 respectively) complementary and complete. Wet food is essential for a cat’s daily diet to support hydration and reduce the risk of urinary infections.

Feed Almo Nature every day for happy, hydrated cats. Fed from their point of view.

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Happy black cat day to all our black furry friends 😻 @Regrann_App from @typisch_marloes – Sinds een aantal maanden geef ik mijn hond natuurlijke voeding. De dierenarts zei mij deze week dat mijn bijna 11-jarige labrador er uit ziet als een jonge hond met een stralende vacht. Daar ben ik uiteraard KEI trots op! Vandaar mijn besluit om ook mijn kat op natuurlijke voeding te zetten. Et voilà, kip. Zoals kip er uit hoort te zien. Mijn kat vindt het veeeeeel lekkerder dan ander (blik)voer! #almonature #samsfield #instafood #wellpet #natuurlijkevoeding #natuurlijk #goodfood #healthy #healthyeating #catsanddogs #dog #cat #fit #animallover #dierenliefde #instanature #healthyliving #healthylifestyle – #regrann

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*HFC is the term Almo Nature uses to describe the meat and fish in its pet food that’s originally “(…) fit for human consumption in accordance with Community legislation (…)” [according to Regulation (EC) N° 1069/2009 article 10, paragraph a)]