How to feed your cat in summer

Cats are notoriously poor drinkers, so now that the hot weather is upon us, it’s important we pay more attention to our cats’ water requirements. During the hot summer months, combining wet and dry foods is therefore key for improving their hydration.

Cats are carnivores. In nature, domestic felines take in most of the fluids they need through the small prey they eat: consequently, they don’t drink instinctively. Choosing a diet that is lighter and richer in liquids is the ideal solution to hydrate cats in the most natural way i.e. through their food!


Question: Which food should we choose?

Answer: Classic, the award-winning, complete cat food line! 

All Classic recipes are light and formulated with a rich broth and prepared with 100% HFC* ingredients maintaining the same quality as those used for human consumption. Perfect for cats that tend to gain weight, the “Light” Classic recipes are low in fat and made with proteins and vegetables or only proteins; they offer all of the taste of traditional Almo Nature recipes while reducing the calories.

Designed specifically for domestic cats and particularly suitable for hot weather, Classic is available in five different versions and in sizes to suit the requirements of owners with one or more cats.


Let’s look at all of the Classic varieties and their characteristics!

Classic Nature is the simplest and most traditional line: prepared with fresh, natural ingredients that are steam-cooked and then packaged in their pouches.
Classic Nature is available in 7 recipes for adult cats.

Classic Raw Pack uses an innovative method of cooking to preserve even more nutrients and flavour: the ingredients are packaged raw and then cooked directly in the pouch, just like cooking in foil.
Classic Raw Pack Nature is available in 8 recipes for adult cats.

Classic Cuisine – uses the same steaming cooking method as Classic Nature, but minerals and vitamins are added to further enrich the nutritional profile. The addition of a touch of natural gelling agent thickens the broth which – along with a selection of tasty ingredients – makes this version perfect for picky cats.
Classic Cuisine is available in 5 recipes for adult cats and 1 for kittens.

Classic Jelly – the ingredients in Classic Jelly recipes are also steamed and then packaged in their pouches, but the addition of cassia gum – a natural gelling agent – transforms the broth into a delicious jelly that helps control hairballs by allowing natural elimination…
Classic Jelly is available in 7 recipes for adult cats.

Classic Light – is the ideal line for cats with a tendency to be overweight while not compromising on taste: the two recipes with tuna, which are steamed and packaged in a broth, have all the aroma and flavour of the traditional Classic recipes, but offer a controlled caloric intake.


Thanks to its variety and innovation of its recipes, Classic, the wet food for cats from Almo Nature, has recently won first prize in the Brands Award 2016.



*HFC fresh meat: originally fit for human consumption according to Article 10 paragraph a) of European Regulation (EC) 1069/2009: parts of slaughtered animals “(…) which are fit for human consumption in accordance with Community legislation (…)”