Disney movies with animals: 6 unmissable classics

There is a plethora of Disney movies featuring loveable animals that are particularly suitable for the Christmas period. Beautiful animations, stories with uplifting messages and witty dialogues that are perfect for kids and irresistible for adults too.

Here is a special selection of unmissable classics for those who love the cinema and, of course, animals:


  1. Dumbo


Adorable and poetic, the movie tells the life of a young elephant born in a circus. The film has a happy ending but the captivity of the animal protagonist leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth for its close portrayal to real life animal exploitation.


  1. Lady and the Tramp


Lilli e il vagabondo

The movie, packed with music, funny scenes and unforgettable quotes, warmly reminds us how much a dog loves having an owner and how strongly abandonment and living as a stray or in a shelter can affect them.


  1. The Aristocats

 Gli aristogatti

Always enjoyable, if a little dated, this comedy reminds us how special our feline friends are: discrete and elegant mates at home but smart predators able deal with adversity when required.


  1. Tarzan


A timeless classic of global culture, this cartoon deals with the paradigm of an explorer torn between the desire for knowledge and conquest. Majestic animal characters teach the importance of values such as respect and compassion.


  1. Bambi


Melancholic tale highlights the beauty of nature and its animals, the moving film, with a young fawn as the main character, forces us to reflect on the relationship between man and wildlife and the practice of hunting today.


  1. One Hundred and One Dalmatians 

La carica dei 101 

Among the most famous and prolific in terms of merchandising and sequels, the film that gave true celebrity to the Dalmatian dog is, first and foremost, a condemnation of the abuse animals suffer at the hands of man for trivial and despicable reasons.


And of course, the list of Disney movies with animals goes on, such as the hugely successful The Lion King, and the purely ‘maritime’ The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. And even if the animals are mere supporting characters in a movie, they often upstage their co-stars, just like in real life.