100% HFC Rice: the only cereal chosen to prepare Alternative

Alternative and Alternative 170 recipes are single cereal: both formulations contain a unique source of carbohydrates, namely 100% HFC rice – i.e. rice that was originally fit for human consumption.


Why 100% HFC rice?

RisoHFCRice is a source of carbohydrates which guarantee

– high digestibility, especially at gastrointestinal level

a great energy intake


Furthermore, the analysis of the rice protein content guarantees

– a total absence of gluten, the protein responsible for increasingly frequent cases of cereal intolerance

– high biological value, higher than that provided by wheat proteins; this is why rice is also recommended in kidney disease cases

During the production process of Alternative and Alternative 170, the starch in the 100% HFC rice is gelatinised through an extrusion process that allows an increase in digestibility and bioavailability making it an immediately assimilable energy source.

Thanks to its nutritional characteristics, 100% HFC rice can also be considered refreshing and detoxifying for the bowel, because it promotes the development and prosperity of the bacterial flora.


Find out how Alternative is prepared!

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