Living with the wolf: Almo Nature and Pollino National Park

Almo Nature’s “Wolf” project has landed in Calabria, southern Italy to work in tandem with The Pollino National Park’s initiative: “Living with wolves, knowing them to preserve them” to help protect the park’s predators.

Almo Nature has, once again, deployed assistance ‘on the front line’ in support of the wolf while, at the same time, caring about the point of view of the farmers and their animals. Almo Nature and the national park’s goal, is to protect the region’s wolves by promoting the use of livestock guard dogs over more inhumane predator management methods.


Intervention in the Pollino National Park

50 Maremma sheepdog puppies have been given to nineteen Pollino National Park farmers who will raise them and teach them how to protect their sheep from predator attacks. Almo Nature has committed to providing food for these flock guardian dogs on a long-term basis, to support the farmers participating in the initiative.


Finding an alternative to the illegal killing of wolves really is possible. The solution – one of the oldest, most effective and natural instruments for protecting the flock against predator attacks: livestock guard dogs.



Almo Nature’s commitment to project “Lupo” 

Almo Nature’s “Wolf” project began in 2014; since its inception, it has supported more than 300 farms throughout Italy.

What drives Almo Nature’s protection efforts is the desire to make a real contribution to the recovery and conservation of a natural biodiversity with a real commitment towards animals – including wolves – which are still in danger as victims of poaching or from accidents often caused by man.

While these threats to our predators continue, the “Wolf” project will not stop. Living with predators while having a complete respect for the natural ecosystem, can only prove to be a vital resource for all of us and our territories.