DbD – Dog Blood Donors

DbD – Dog Blood Donors is a database of dogs that donate blood; the database is funded by Almo Nature with the patronage of the National Association of Italian Veterinarians (ANMVI) and the National Federation of Italian Veterinarians Orders (FNOVI).

This DbD facility is the very first database of voluntarily registered dogs in Italy that is accessible to all registered veterinary surgeons to help them find a donor for patients in need of an emergency blood transfusion.

DbD helps vets save lives!

By registering with the DbD, veterinarians add their own surgery to the list meaning they can be contacted for blood group typing by owners wanting to add their dogs to the donor database as well as being able to access the list of donors if required.

Thanks to DBD:

  • All dogs get the opportunity to receive a free blood group test, and if they meet certain requirements, their owners can also apply for them to become a donor to potentially save the life of another dog
  • Owners of dogs deemed unsuitable to become donors will benefit from knowing their dog’s blood type in case the need to receive a blood donation arises

• Veterinarians have a new medium to expand their visibility while providing a real service to the veterinary profession and their customers.