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  • Our philosophy

Feeding for dogs

“The quality of the food we give our companion animals is our first priority”

Feeding advice

“The best food for your dog is dry food (kibble). Unless there are contraindications, we recommend you alternate between foods rich in white and red meat and those containing fish. In that way your dog will receive a wider variety of nutrients. Wet food can be served alone, or mixed with kibble. Aim for a balance of 20% wet and 80% dry food.”

Wet food

Dogs with picky tastes as well as older and/or overweight dogs will benefit from wet food in their diet on a daily basis.

Dry food

Kibble contains balanced and complete ingredients for your dog and are important for the daily exercise of chewing.

Other feeding regimes

Home-made pet food

The ability to personally select the ingredients is an advantage when preparing your cat’s food at home.

But achieving the right nutritional balance is a science.

As a precaution, we suggest you ask your vet’s advice on your approach, if in doubt.

Raw pet food (barf)

Raw pet food diets, based on raw meat, carry the risk of germs and infections. A lack of vigilance in storing and handling the raw ingredients can lead to your cat becoming infected with bacteria and/or parasites that can also be transmitted to humans, as in the case of salmonella zoonoses.

For safety, and to ensure nutritional balance, we strongly recommend asking your vet for advice on this approach.

Our pet foods for dogs

Alternative HFC

The HFC/Alternative range uses human food grade fish and meat as its main ingredients


Complete pet foods that match your pet’s daily nutritional needs and lifestyle.


Recipes using organic ingredients certified according to EU standards.


A vast range of recipes to suit every companion animal’s tastes.

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Thanks for joining us! And say hi to your dog from us :)

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Please, if you have any kind of feedback about Almo Nature products for cats or dogs (or both!), or about the projects of Capellino Foundation, please share it with us — we are always excited about talking to people who care. Hope to see you here again soon!

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