Almo Nature will be donated to the Capellino Foundation


Signing of the deed of incorporation


Before obtaining the prefecture’s recognition, the statute underwent several modifications, among which a substantial one, that will open the foundation’s assembly (the assembly of the objectives) to the people.
The foundation has one single goal, that is to safeguard biological diversity and to protect dogs and cats.
From 1 January 2018, and onwards, the profits accrued by selling Almo Nature products will be at the disposal of the Capellino Foundation, meaning that they’re at the at the disposal of animals and biodiversity.

Indeed, Almo Nature is owned by the animals (property of the animals and biological diversity).

The solidarity projects will be further developed using the accrued profits from 1 January onwards, once all assets that belong to Almo Nature have been transferred to the foundation. However, the formal handover is currently awaiting execution due to legislative processes in Italy. To continue, the Italian government has to approve the reform of the service industry (for non-profit associations), which does not include specific regulations for foundations, but this is currently hampered by the ineffectiveness of the government and the Parliament.

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