HQS Legend Dog

The best natural food for your dog. Legend is made with the HQS ingredients and contains meat or fish cooked and is preserved in cooking water with a small amount of rice.

Made with the finest cuts of chicken, tuna or beef and a small amount of rice (3%) which is a great source of lysine and magnesium. Legend Dog recipes are rich in high bioavailable proteins.

The two Legend Homemade (HMS) recipes Chicken with carrots and Beef with potatoes and peas increase fiber intake due to the vegetables and tapioca contained within.

Enrich your dog’s food with Legend to make their meals even tastier with all the delectable flavours available.

Feeding Instructions

Dogs drink spontaneously and abundantly. Our Nutritional Advice for optimal nutritional balance is to focus on dry dog food alternating between meat and fish kibble. When combined with high quality wet food, your dog’s sense of smell is stimulated and makes their meal highly rewarding.

Wet food made from quality ingredients is a useful source of micronutrients for your dog’s general well being.


Legend is prepared with high quality white meat, red meat, fish, vegetables and rice conserved in their own cooking broth in order to preserve all the micronutrients.

100% Natural, with no chemical additives, preservatives and colorants.

Legend is a complementary food, for dogs of all sizes, that should be added to their kibble. Available in several recipes, it represents the ideal supplement to enhance the dietary rotation of many different protein sources.